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Thursday, August 16, 2012

TLR 22 SCT Support Package

A lot of racers are asking what is the TLR 22SCT Support Kit for? At TLR we identified that many racers prefer to buy support parts for their new vehicle allowing them to create a support system for their new vehicle. Well we made it easier and cheaper for racers by providing a support kit for the TLR 22SCT in one convenient package. The TLR 22SCT Support Kit provides all of the following parts, both for tuning and replacement parts.
Rear Hub Set
Rear Camber Block for rear motor (2)
Steering Rack (1)
5 Degree Caster Block Set
Front Arm Set
Front Camber Block (1)
Rear Arm Set
4mm Trailing Front Spindle Set
Idler Gear (2)
Shock Bushing (2)
23T, 24T, & 25T Servo Horn (1 of each)
Body Post (4)
Front Wheel Hex (2)
Rear Wheel Hex (2)
Shock O-rings (8)
HD Rod End (8)
Front Wheel Hex (2)
Rear Wheel Hex (2)
60mm Turnbuckle (1)
65mm Turnbuckle (1)
70mm Turnbuckle (1)
Front Spring, 3.5 Rate, Green-One step softer than stock
Front Spring, 4.1 Rate, Black-One step harder than stock
Rear Spring, 1.8 Rate, White-One step softer than stock
Rear Spring, 2.3 Rate, Pink-One step harder than stock