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Friday, August 17, 2012

Q2 Report From ROAR Super Nationals

Q2 Report from the ROAR Super Nationals

We have just finished up with the second round of qualifying here at the ROAR Super Nationals.  The track is staying together much better today along with holding more water than yesterday providing a more consistent track.  This is really good but kind of made yesterday a waste for setting up on the vehicles.  We have gone back to some of the standard set-ups rather then what we found to work yesterday when the track was dry.

The team is getting closer to a happy place with the set-up on the TLR 22SCT.  Surprisingly we have been stiffening the truck so it won’t roll as much.  Some of the guys have liked the 30 degree kick in the front and other like the 25 degree kick.  For the final round today we will be trying a softer front spring with thicker oil.  We will see what happens. 

Dakotah Phend was back to himself in the 4wd SCT Modified class with his Orion powered TEN-SCTE  taking a second for the round.  The final round today we will be lowering his body a little to try a lower CG and get a little more speed out of the truck.  Mike Truhe had another consistent run and Billy Fischer picked it up with a 6th place finish for this round.  They will go into round 3 with the same setup and are just looking to improve their runs by cleaning it up a bit and taking out the small mistakes.

1/8th Electric Buggy did not go as planned for the second round today with none of the drivers making a top 10 run.  For the final round today the team are going out with the a key component of just not making any mistakes.  We will see what we can do in the final round today. 

TLR Results for round 2:

2wd Short Course 
4. Dakotah Phend
7. Matt Castellano
8. Mike Truhe

4wd Short Course
2. Dakotah Phend
6. Billy Fischer
8. Mike Truhe
11. Dustin Evans

1/8th Scale
12. Mike Truhe
18. Matt Castellano
19. Billy Fischer