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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New TLR Parts for the Losi Ten-SCT-E

 TLR recently announced a few new parts for the Losi Ten SCT-E.

Ti-nitrided hing pin set. Includes front inner and rear inner and outer hinge pins.
Front and Rear Ti-nitrided shock shafts.
TLR5064 Rear Shock Shafts
TLR5063 Front Shock Shafts

4mm Trailing Spindle for the 22

TLR just announced the new aluminum 4mm trailing spindle for the 22. After testing the development team found that the additional trailing in the spindle provides smoother steering input therefore making the 22 a bit easier to drive. The stock spindles on the TLR has 2mm of axle trail. As with all TLR aluminum parts, these spindles are made out of a high grade aluminum, laser etched for easy identification and hard anodized for enhanced durability and great looks. The aluminum spindles also include ti-nitrided king pins for added durability.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TLR5065-Aluminum Bleeder Shock Caps for the 22

TLR has just released aluminum bleeder caps for the 22 and 22T. Instead of using the plastic shock caps from the 22 RTR you can now use aluminum shock caps allowing you to rebuild your 22 shocks a lot easier. TLR5065
Screws and washers are also sold seperately.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

TLR's Adam Drake takes TQ in Electric Buggy

TLR's Adam Drake takes TQ honors in the 1/8th Electric Class at the 2012 Silver State with his Tekin powered Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-E 2.0.

Qualifying Report from the Euro Off-Road Series

Qualifying here at the Euro Off-Road Series in Dortmund, Germany saw many hi's for the team with some lows. This is common when it comes to racing and that is part of the fun of racing. The first part of qualifying started with all four rounds on 2wd buggy run in the morning. Then they would run 4wd and 4wd Short Course in the afternoon. This made making changes to the car very hard with such little time to make them. I will say the nice thing about running on carpet is the track doesn't change at all from run to run. The TLR team started very strong this morning with Darren Bloomfield taking round 1 TQ with Teammate Dustin Evans rounding out the top 3. Mike Truhe and Oskar Levin put in a strong performance but not what they were looking for out of the first round. Going into the next round we knew it was going to be hard to pull of the say performance as the first round do to how close everyone on the track was in time. In round two it was Darren out front early again with teammate Dustin Evans close behind that would end up taking the lead with a couple of minutes to go and take the Round 2 TQ of 2wd buggy. In round 3 Darren would yet again be setting the pace out front but with a mistake late in the run it would cost him the TQ for the round and have to settle for another second place. Dustin Evans would find himself in a position he would not like with one too many mistakes. Mike is running very well with consistent runs just shy of steeling those TQ's away from the other guys. Like I said everyone is very close on the clock. For the final round the guys knew what they needed to do to take what they wanted (Overall TQ) Dustin started out strong in the final round but then something went wrong when his car became very hard to drive so it was all up to Darren but some set up changes for the final round did not work as planned so TQ would slip away. Mike would put another consistent run together to secure himself into the main event. Oskar Levin would run consistent all day to put his car on to the starting grid for the triple A-mains tomorrow. 2wd Overall Result: 3-Darren Bloomfield 4-Dustin Evans 7-Mike Truhe 9-Oskar Levin In the 4wd class it was a bit of the same with Darren Bloomfield starting off strong taking a 2 for the first round and teammate Mike Truhe getting a 4 for the round. Darren would stay pretty consistent throughout all four qualifying except for round two when he broke. Darren will start 5th on the grip tomorrow for the triple A-mains. Darren said he will be pushing hard to get to the front quick. Mike Truhe did much of the same as he did in 2wd putting in solid consistent runs all day with his XXX4 buggy powered by Orion to start 6th on the grid. Dustin Evans would nothing but problems in 4wd this weekend breaking the first two rounds and then putting in a good run in round 3 to give him hope going into the last round, to just have more bad luck. Dustin was on a run in the final round that would have put him close to the front on the grid come Sunday but a broken axle would take him out of the race and the triple A-main on Sunday. Oskar Levin would have some rough runs as well that would keep him out of the running for the win on Sunday as well. In the 4wd SC class Dustin Evans and Mike Truhe would do a great job with racing the Losi Ten-SCTE on the Euro style carpet tracks. This i would say is one of the hardest classes of the weekend as short course is not a class that the Euro team runs so Dustin and Mike have been working on the set up at each race and we are pretty sure by the end of the day today that we have got the car working better than any of the other EOS races. We have made a lot of changes to the cars with some set up items that we would not normally run on the U.S style tracks. All in all they did a great job working making the Ten-SCTE much better on carpet tracks. Dustin Evans and Mike Truhe will Start 4th & 5th on the grid for tomorrows triple A-mains. Prumper Bjorn was looking great with His Ten-SCTE being super consistent all day to put himself in front of the two U.S drivers to start 3rd on the grip. All in all today was a very successful day as we learn a lot about all of our cars and what we need to do in the future on carpet tracks. We were also able to really help out our Euro drivers that drive on tracks like this all the time. Look for some photo's tomorrow morning.

Silver State Day 2

We have been lucky so far this week with the weather. It's hot, around 90, but with no winds. Check out the pictures from the third round of electric buggy. I am pitting for the team so it's impossible to get photos from the nitro qualifiers. The track is holding up with a few large holes at the end of the main straight and on the left side of the track. All in all so far this has been a great event. Enjoy the photos.

Horizon hobby Booth at The Intermodellbau Dortmund Model/ RC Show

Here at the final round of the Euro Off-Road series in Dortmund, is one of Germany's largest hobby shows called the Intermondellbau Dortmund Model/RC Show which is "BIG". The EOS race is in one of the eight buildings the show takes up here in Germany. I have had the chance to take some photo's of the building next to the race track which also has the Horizon Hobby booth that is quite nice i have to say.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Practice Day in Germany for Round 3 of the EOS Series

Today was practice at round 3 of the EOS Series in Germany. The drivers would each get five runs with each of the cars which was great for the U.S. drivers to make some changes to better there times. The TLR Euro team seemed to have to cars working very well for them selves. There was very little changes made to the TLR22 buggy. Darren Bloomfield was able to get the track layout down pretty fast and seemed to be very consistent with both his TLR22 and XXX4 buggy's putting himself in both A-qualifiers. Dustin Evans, Mike Truhe and Osker Levin were all running very strong in 2wd buggy making very little changes to there cars from round 2 of the EOS series. Overall today was a very successful day for a the TLR drivers putting in good times with all the cars and feeling good going into qualifying tomorrow. Qualifying tomorrow will be four round with each car, taking your best two rounds. With the success of today tomorrows qualifying should be good for the team. Look for updates tomorrow on qualifying!!

Practice results: (Best 3 consecutive laps)

2wd Buggy 2-Dustin Evans 3-Darren Bloomfield 5-Mike Truhe 9-Oskear Levin
4wd Buggy 4-Darren Bloomfield 8-Mike Truhe
4wd Short Course 3-Prumper Bjorn 4-Mike Truhe 5-Dustin Evans

New STOCK and Modified Setups for the TLR 22 and 22T

We just posted a few new setups for the TLR 22 and 22T.

We have Michael Losi's winning stock trucknsetup from the Cactus Classic and Travis Brock's stock truck setup from OC R/C Raceway. For the modified racers we have added two 22T setups from Corey Bernardo and Ryan Dunford.
Michael Losi's Truck Stock Setup
Travis Brock's Truck Stock Setup from OC R/C Raceway
Corey Bernardo's Truck Setup from R/C Excitement
Ryan Dunford's Truck Setup-Clay High-bite

For the TLR 22 we have added Michael Losi's stock setup from the Cactus Classic and JR Mitch's modifed low-bite setup from Lake Park, Florida.
Michael Losi's 2wd Stock Setup from Cactus Classic
Jr Mitch's Low Bite setup from Lake Park, Florida

2012 Silver State Challenge

This weekend is the 2012 Silver State Challenge in Boulder City, Nevada. Over the weekend we will post photos and provide small updates to the event. Today starts two rounds of qualifying with 31 heats of racers. So far the track is holding up well and staying smooth.

Round 3 of the EOS Series (Day 1)

We arrived Thursday in Germany for Round 3 of the EOS Series. Today was set-up and to take a look at the Euro style track. The team was lucky enough to be able to take some laps around the track today. This was great for the to U.S. drivers Dustin Evans and Mike Truhe that are out of there comfort zone on these tracks. Practice will start tomorrow at 8:30am with each driver getting five practice runs on the track per class. Look for more updates on practice later today.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's more important?

In February we attended the Dirt Nitro Challenge in Phoenix, Arizona. During the race, the days were extremely long due to the amount of racers at the event. I believe there were around 560+ entries in the 1/8th classes. With all of this time I watched most racers tune their cars, talk setup and tire choices, discuss the latest rumors of which driver is doing what and other general gossip. Watching all of this inspired me to write this blog post. I witnessed many of the drivers not watching the track. This was from the pro's to the amatuer's. Many years ago while I was working along side Gil Losi Jr. he suggested for me to go to a major event and not race. I thought to myself "what the heck is he thinking? I can't go to a race and not race." I asked him why and he wouldnt tell me. Well I never did do what he said and as my racing started to come to an end in 2008 and 2009 I started attending events to help the team rather than race. Whether it was an electric or nitro race, I would go solely to help out. Then it hit me and I understood what Jr. was talking about many years ago. Going to the race and not racing helped me realize and taught me more about the track than driving on it. After many of the races I swear I could pick up a car and drive it around the track picking up the fast lines quite easily. Why? Because I just watched cars all week put thousands of laps on the track. My point here is not telling you to go to races and not race but when you go racing focus on spending more time watching the competition and others go around the track. Watch the lines racers are taking, pay attention to the tires they're running and how they're car is handling. You will be truly amazed at the information you will pick up on and this visual data will astound you. Then when you run your car, in practice or a qualifier, you can make better decisions on line choice, track changes, and tire selection. We learn from watching, not from sitting in our pit area bench tuning our car's or gossiping about the latest rumors. At the end of they day we are racing to win and watching the track is the cheapest tuning part you can add to your race program.

Race on!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

JBRL Electric Series Round 2 (Palm Desert)

This past weekend kicked of round 2 of the JBRL Electric Series at one of the nicest RC facility in southern California, Palm Desert R/C Raceway. With the first round of the electric series hitting a new record with 385 entries, no one knew what to expect at round 2. Well, round 2 was very close with a total of 355 entries which was really good to see the series staying strong. The track crew did a super job putting together one of the best layouts I have driver in sometime. This could also have to do with running electric outdoors on wet track, which is something that doesn’t happen much here in southern California these days.

The TLR team had a great showing at round 2 winning seven of the classes that included Mod and Stock. All of the TLR vehicles were on point this weekend on the super slippery wet track that was tough for the pros to even get around.

TLR Results From the Weekend

Mod Truck:
TQ-1. Mike Truhe- TLR22T powered by Orion
2. Matt Castellano- TLR22T powered by Orion
3. Matt Schreffler- TLR 22T powered by Orion

Mod Buggy:
TQ-1. Matt Castellano- TLR22 powered by Orion
2. Mike Truhe- TLR22 powered by Orion
3. Cody Turner- TLR22

Spt. Stock Truck:
1. Matthew Pages- TLR22T
2. Shane Koerber
3. Bill Jordan

Spt. Stock Buggy:
1. Michael Losi- TLR22
2. Chad Panek- TLR22

1/8th Buggy:
TQ-1. Matt Schreffler- TLR 8ight 2.0
2. Lucas Sanford
3. Justin Lew

Pro 4 SC:
1. Ryan Dunford- Losi Ten-SCTE powered by Orion
2. Jake Thayer
3. Casper- Losi Ten-SCTE

Pro 2 SC:
TQ-1. Cody Turner

Check out all the Photos from the weekend:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TLR4406 now available

The replacement throttle servo horn for the new Gen III Radio tray is in stock and shipping. Many racers who use the Gen III radio tray in thier 8IGHT 2.0 and 8IGHT 2.0 have been asking about us releasing this part and we finally have it in stock. Check it out at:

Monday, April 2, 2012

JBRL Nitro Series Round 1

This past weekend kicked off round 1 of the JBRL Nitro Series in Beaumont, CA at Thunder Alley R/C Raceway. There was a huge turnout with a total of 235 entries that came from all over California. TLR had many of their top level drivers like Adam Drake, Mike Truhe, Matt Castellano and Drew Moller along with many other TLR drivers in attendance to contest for the 2012 JBRL Nitro Series championship.

Adam Drake would take the TQ in both Pro Truggy and Pro E-Buggy with not much of a challenge. In the Pro Buggy class Adam Drake would take the TQ in round 1 of qualifying but teammate Mike Truhe would keep his hopes alive for the overall TQ by take round 2. Mike would come up just short of the time Adam ran in round 1 to give Adam Drake the overall TQ in Pro buggy to go along with his other two in pro Trugy and E-Buggy.

Adam Drake would go on to win Pro Truggy and Pro E-Buggy from start to finish. The E-Buggy turned into a bit of a mud race as the storm that was developing overhead decided to let loose. Shortly after they made a decision to cancel the rest of the race and qualifying would determine the results. This would Give Adam Drake the pro Buggy win with teammate Mike Truhe 2nd overall.

Check out some photos of the track: