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Friday, April 20, 2012

New STOCK and Modified Setups for the TLR 22 and 22T

We just posted a few new setups for the TLR 22 and 22T.

We have Michael Losi's winning stock trucknsetup from the Cactus Classic and Travis Brock's stock truck setup from OC R/C Raceway. For the modified racers we have added two 22T setups from Corey Bernardo and Ryan Dunford.
Michael Losi's Truck Stock Setup
Travis Brock's Truck Stock Setup from OC R/C Raceway
Corey Bernardo's Truck Setup from R/C Excitement
Ryan Dunford's Truck Setup-Clay High-bite

For the TLR 22 we have added Michael Losi's stock setup from the Cactus Classic and JR Mitch's modifed low-bite setup from Lake Park, Florida.
Michael Losi's 2wd Stock Setup from Cactus Classic
Jr Mitch's Low Bite setup from Lake Park, Florida