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Saturday, May 31, 2014

TLR Diff Tool has many uses

Recently one of our team drivers, Otto Ausfelt, reached out to us to tell us about another way that he uses his TLR Diff Tool. As we all know, the TLR Diff Tool is nice to use for those quick on the fly diff tuning adjustments but you can also use it to adjust your inner front camber ball stud on your TLR 22-4. See the pictures below.

TLR2950 TLR Diff Tool

Accessing the front inner camber link on the 22-4. Can anyone find anything else interesting about this picture?
In order to insert the TLR Diff Tool into the ball cup, Otto use a hole punch to create the hole, which provides access to the 2mm hex on the ball stud.

The ball cup above is the finished product.
Thanks to Team Losi Racing Driver Otto Ausfelt for providing this quick tip.
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