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Sunday, March 29, 2009

April Fools Classic

This Thursday I will be leaving for the April Fools Classic at IR/CR in Magna, Utah. I'm very excited for this race. The track usually has awesome layouts that make for great racing. I have been working a lot with different setups on all of my cars and am hopeful that they will work well for the race. I will be sure to post the results as soon as I get back.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nor Cal series Rnd 1

Once again we have started off our Nor Cal series in Antioch at Delta R/C indoor track and it was a pretty good turn out. I have won the Pro Buggy class for the last 2 years and 3rd in Truggy last year after some technical difficulties. This year is starting off just right with TQ in both Buggy and Truggy and 1st place in both! My 8ight 2.0's were awesome in the small indoor track. I didn't even need to change anything on my setup from the big outdoor tracks. Standard setups for the Buggy and Truggy work great on any track that I have been to witch takes a lot of weight off my shoulders not having to worry about setups going to new track's and just focus on tire choice. Next weekend I'm heading back out to Delta R/C for the start of another Northern series. Hope to see you guys soon at the track!

Phillip Atondo

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jake Wright 801 comp Report

This past weekend Jake Wright attended the 801 Utah club series competition.
Here is Jake in his own words.

"Well, I'm back from Utah and once again sunburned and covered in red dust...

The 2.2 Losi performed amazingly well all weekend. I finished in 9th place overall out of a field of 75 drivers, including the defending national champ and several other drivers who I would consider some of the best around. I had 3 perfect scores in 5 courses, but I made a few small mistakes on the last two courses that cost me a chance at the win.

It was great seeing the reaction of everyone while I was on course with the new rig. I don't think I've ever had so many cameras on me during a run I'm pretty sure the Losi didn't disappoint either... I had zero mechanical failures for the weekend, and completed all 5 courses easily. What was even more impressive was the insane, follow-the-leader, freecrawling after the competition I believe the Losi was the only shafty among 5 or 6 bergs pulling some pretty impossible lines... and the Losi handled all of them with ease.

But... enough talk, how about some video?

Here's the "bragging rights" lines from the weekend.
Note you may need to copy and paste into your browser

-Jake "

Friday, March 13, 2009

Practice is over at Cactus

Hi Everyone,
After three days of practice the team is looking really good going into qualifying tomorrow. The track is looking good and gaining more groves as the days pass. It is also starting to get some small holes, but nothing too bad. I will give everyone an update tonight on how day one of qualifying goes today.

We did have wind gusts that came through around 2:30 that took-out about half of the tents at the facility. Losi got lucky and had no problems, but I can't say that for the others. I do know that Hot Bodies got the worst of it with their tent ending up in the power lines. It was really crazy, there had been no wind at all and then, BAM, it just hit with 60 to 70 mph winds for about 30 seconds. The Hot Bodies tent caused a power outage to half of the facility. I do have to thank Mike Truhe for single handedly saving the Losi tent while the others saved the Nitrotane tent. The tables also went flying all over with every one's things on them. (that was fun)
All in all it was a good day, everyone is still really happy and up-beat.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Two of Practice Has Come To an End

Well day two of practice has come to an end. The track is coming in very well, it is starting to get a nice black groove in the center of the lane. From what I have been told this is one of the most difficult tracks that they have had at Cactus, due to all the jumps. I have also heard that this will be one of the biggest Cactus races to date.
There were more people at the track on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for practice, than any other previous year. Today's practice went really well; the T-times worked great. Tomorrow's schedule includes open practice in the morning for an hour, then everyone will be divided into heats for one or two rounds of practice by heats. These heats will also be their qualifying heats.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Crawling news

Ok, So we crawlers are hogging the blog, but it's exciting to see the Comp Crawler in action. This past weekend Team Driver Jay Robinette competed in Round 3 of the Colorado Winter Series. This was the first time Jay ran his Comp Crawler in a competition. Jay finished 4th overall in the very competitive series. Jay was testing a new motor and ESC setup and felt that he could have used a little more wheel speed. Considering he was using a "slow" test motor, that should be very easy to fix. Jay also mentioned that he was working with different setups and as stated before, we'll have setup sheets and info posted here on in the future.
Congrats Jay on the great finish.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Competing with the Comp Crawler @ OCRCRC

What a great start to March for the Losi Crawler team. This past weekend the OCRCRC hosted Comp #2 of their series at Corona Del Mar. The location could not have been any better with temps nearing the 80's, clear, sunny and on the beach.
Jake and I both brought the Comp Crawlers out for further testing. Jake took the overall win with 2 perfect scores on courses 2 and 3, while setting the lowest score on Course 1, which turned out to be the toughest to complete. I on the other hand finished 15th after completely screwed up on the 3rd course just 3 feet from the finish line LOL. Nothing should be taken from the Comp Crawlers handling, it was all driver error, maybe it was the scenery that distracted me.
We have been working on the tuning side of the Crawler. So far we have added about 5 ounces of weight in the front wheels and 2.5 ounces in the rear wheels. Using the provided link options, we have been learning a lot about which positions work best on courses that have steep inclines or not. All of this will of course be addressed in the owners manual and setup tips on once the Crawler is released.
Look for more updates from the Crawler team very soon.