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Sunday, December 6, 2009

We just kicked off the first round of the Delta RC Indoor Winter Series. Track is tight and very technical with great traction, but one of the toughest obstacles is keeping warm. I TQed both buggy and truggy and the only one to go the extra lap in buggy qualifying. We ran 30 min mains and finished first in both classes with my Novarossi powered 8ight 2.0's! In buggy I ran Losi Green Kingpins and truggy I ran Pro-Line M3 Calibers. Novarossi Plus 4c in buggy and Toro Nero in truggy. It's great to see how many racers in the Northern CA. area run Losi products and Novarossi engines. Losi swept all the classes for the 1st round Winter Series!! Lately I have been getting lots of complements on Losi's great customer service and it makes me very proud to represent such a great company!! Stay tuned for more up dates on the Nor-Cal area.

Phillip Atondo

Friday, October 30, 2009

Team Losi welcomes two new Drivers to the team

Nabil Jamali from San Diego, California and Marty Mann from Kalispell, Montana will be joining Jake Wright, Jay Robinette and Brian Jones representing Team Losi Racing for the remainder of 2009 and 2010. Both will be competing with their 1/10th Comp Crawlers and 1/18th Mini Rock Crawlers.

Along with Jay and Jake, Nabil and Marty will be available to offer setup info and tips out in the field and on the Losi Forum. We're really happy to have these guys join our team and look forward to the feedback they can provide.

Welcome to the team,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Follow LosiTeam on Twitter

Now you can follow the Losi Racing Team on Twitter. We have created a page so you can stay up-to-date on the happenings and where-abouts of the Losi team drivers.

Click here to join the LosiTeam twitter page and start receiving our tweets.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a little info for you guys. We just had our final round of the Nor-Cal series in Antioch at Delta R/C. I went into the last round of series with a perfect score in buggy and almost perfect in truggy. I finished the series off perfect with another TQ and win in buggy and truggy! This is the 3rd straight year I have won buggy and 1st time winning truggy over all. My Novarossi Powered Losi 8ight's worked awesome at every round. In the last round at Delta R/C I ran Losi red EBT on buggy and Losi Reptiles on truggy. Losi sweeps the series in every class, me winning both expert classes, Frank L. winning Sportsman truggy and up and coming young Jacob Haas winning sportsman buggy. Jacob Haas has a natural talent driving around the track that I enjoy to watch, look out for this kid soon! I have been really busy lately getting everything ready for our 2nd Annual Labor Day Shootout at RiverFront R/C in Marysville CA. We hope to have a great turn out so try and make it out if you can!

Phillip Atondo

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009 ROAR Fuel Nationals - Wednesday & Thursday

DAY ONE - Wednesday July 15, 2009
The team arrived at the 2009 Roar Fuel Nationals at Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, IL on Tuesday afternoon. We are here in full force with 23 team members attending. When we arrived the track looked really good and smooth. We spent most of the afternoon setting up the Losi pit area.

We woke up Wednesday morning to discover that it had rained for most of the night. When we got to the track we found that it had rained more than we thought, we could hardly get our car into the dirt lot to park. They ended up pushing practice back until noon which was not bad. The day ended up being a good day for the team. They ran two rounds of practice in heats, which I thought was the right thing to do since they started late and there were a good amount of people there.

The team mainly just focused on getting the track down. There are a couple of spots on the track that are a bit technical with some jumps in corners, and a very large jump in the center on the track. By the end of the day they all had it down pretty well. The track at the end of the day was very hard packed and grooving-up nicely. It looked as if it would hold up nice all week.

DAY TWO - Thursday July 16, 2009
We had no rain Wednesday night which was nice. Thursday's practice was run by ROAR, which means they set up new heat sheets. We are not sure if these are going to be the qualifying heats for Friday and Saturday. They ran two hours of open practice in the morning, one hour for truggy and one hour for buggy. The track was still looking good and grooving up more and more.

So they all tried different tires throughout the day, with Billy and Casey liking the Losi red Eclipse on buggy and Bowfighters on the truggy. Mike is liking the Bow Tie all the way around his buggy and Bowfighters on the truggy. Adam is using the Caliber on both his buggy and truggy. Most of the other team members are running the Losi Eclipse's in Red.

Mike and Adam seemed to be the to fastest on the track today with 32 sec lap times. Billy and Phillip are right there with those times but not as consistent throughout the day. This could have been because Billy and Phillip tried a lot of tires throughout the day. Everyone seemed to be happy with the cars today and is looking forward to qualifying tomorrow.

The track started to break-up at the end of the day, and looked to be getting a little slower in the last couple of heats today. As we started packing up our stuff to head back to the hotel we had a big storm come through that put a lot of water down on the track. This will change a lot for Friday's qualifying. We will have to see what happens tomorrow.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

HRH Shootout is over....

The team had a decent weekend at the Shootout. Here are the final results:
2wd Mod
Truhe 5th
Fischer 7th
Evans 9th

4wd Mod
Truhe 3rd
Evans 8th

Truck Mod
Truhe 6th
Evans 7th

I managed a 2nd place finish in 2wd Superstock and a 15th overall in 2wd Modified. Not too bad!

Main Day at the Shootout

Luckily Matt Francis is in town and has his wireless hooked up at the track so I can do some updates for part of the day. The big announcement yesterday was Matt was inducted into the RC Car Hall of Fame. The RC Car Hall of Fame is totally new to the RC World thanks to the creator Jimmy Babcock. Matt was honored as the first inductee into the Hall of Fame. You can find the website at for more information.

Onto the racing. Our team did well in the qualifying. Truhe and Evans put their XXX-4's and XXX-T CR's into the A-Main in 4wd Modified and Truck Modified respectively. In 2wd Modified Truhe, Evans, and Fischer placed their XXX-CR's in the A-main. I ended up placing my XXX-CR in the Super Stock Buggy Main in P4.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Results after first day of qualifying at HRH Shootout

Round 1
First round of qualifying the track had substantially less grip than we saw on Wednesday during practice. Generally at HRH the the weather is extremely hot around 100+ degrees however this year we have a comfortable 85 degree weather. Qualifying is based on best 2 out of 4 qualifying points so every run counts as well as consistency. Here are our results after the first day of qualifying. The tire of choice in 2wd is Red BK Bars on the rear and Silver Taper Pin front tires. In truck it is Red Taper Pins on the front and rear. 4wd we are using Red BK Bar on the rear and Red Taper Pin fronts. The whole team is using 2 stage inserts on the rear of all of our cars and the front of 4wd.
4wd Modified
4th Truhe
8th Evans

Truck Modified
6th Evans
8th Chambers
10th Fischer

2wd Modified
5th Truhe
7th Fischer
11th Evans

Round 2
The 2nd Round of qualifying definitely had a lot more traction. The sun finally came out and started heating up the track. However in 2wd we ended up running under the lights and finishing around 8:45pm.
4wd Modified
5th Truhe
8th Evans
9th Chambers

Truck Modified
7th Fischer
8th Truhe
10th Chambers

2wd Modified
3rd Truhe
5th Fischer
9th Evans
10th Chambers

Hopefully tomorrow we can improve. The guys are getting more and more confident each run.

Btw, the famous Matt Francis made it into town for a special occassion tomorrow. More details to follow tomorrow.

As for me and my resurgence into electric offroad today went relatively well. I managed a 3rd in Super Stock 2wd in Round 1. I believe a 5th or 6th in round 2. In 2wd modified....yeah I need more practice.

I just saw that our European team qualified really well in Austria at the 1.8th Offroad European Championships. We have 1 8IGHT 2.0 in the Semi Final Odd and 3 8IGHT 2.0's in the Semial Final Even. I wish them all the best tomorrow...actually they are probably at the track right now starting their day of racing considering they are 8+ hours ahead of us.

Time for bed, it is 11:30pm....over and out.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 2 of practice is over at 2009 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout

Well it is time to head into qualifing tomorrow. Today's practice went really well. We were able to improve our laptimes in all classes. Today the whole team was running well with Dustin Evans and Mike Truhe posting very quick laptimes in 2wd Modified followed closely behind by Matt Chambers and Billy Fischer. Truhe looked stellar in Truck and 4wd as did the rest of the team.

There are a few hours of open practice tomorrow morning from 6 to 8am. Then we go into 2 rounds of qualifying with 6 minute qualifiers. As of tonight there are about 300 entries and they will be taking entries until 8am tomorrow so we may see well over 350 entries.

Truhe is back at the hotel working on his 8IGHT 2.0 right now getting it ready for next weeks 1.8th ROAR National. Can Losi make a three in a row? Adam Drake 2007 ROAR National Champion, Mike Truhe 2008 ROAR National Champion, ???? ????? 2009 ROAR National Champion.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

12th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout

The Losi team and I are at the 12th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout in Saugus, CA. From the Losi factory Dan Hissam (Losi Race Engineer) and myself are attending along with our entire Losi Offroad Electric team. This includes Matt Chambers, Dustin Evans, Mike Truhe, Billy Fischer, Schlick Brothers, and Matt Castellano. I am sure more of the local drivers will be showing up tomorrow for the final day of practice. The track layout is very flowing and is almost identical to the 2001 Reedy Race layout. For those who have never been to the Hot Rod Hobbies track it is very high grip when the track is run dry. So far fast laps in 2wd with our and Truck Modified are 18.5 second and mid 17 second laps in 4wd. This years race has racers from Japan and Australia which gives the race an "International" flare. Once again we find that Losi Red BK Bars are the best tire for the rear of our 2wd and 4wd along with Taper fronts. In truck it is still the famous Taper Pin on the front and rear.

Tomorrow is controlled practice with qualifying starting on Friday and continuing on Saturday. Sunday will be all Mains. Two Time World Champion and Losi Driver Matt Francis is coming in for the weekend for a special event at Hot Rod Hobbies. I kind of have an idea of what it is all aboutI and I will keep you informed on what happens so stay tuned.

In 2wd we have been working on some great setups that have been working really well. It is a slight departure from what we have ran in the past and I will get setups posted to next week.

Talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Backyard crawling at Greg's

Lately I have been doing a little crawling with my new comp crawler. I have to say this is a fun, and relaxing way to enjoy rc. From the get go the comp crawler has been a blast for me to learn to crawl with. The dig option sure seems to get the truck in and out of some of the toughest obstacles.

My painter and long time racer Greg Carrol from Greg's Graf-x, has built a challenging crawling course in his back yard for some friendly competitions. The course includes a couple of man made canyons, a rope bridge, a vert drop to start you off and even an over-under to keep you on your toes. Greg has had to tighten up the gates and make the course a bit harder since getting his losi. I thought I would share some pics from one of the backyard comps. (notice the cool green paint job on my rig)

I would like to congradulate Richard and his team of die hard crawlers for putting in all of the hard work it takes to put out a great vehicle like this one. Great job guys! Keep up the good work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Series at the Nitro Pit

Hello Losi race fans!

The last couple of weeks have been super hot out here in sunny Arizona. But this never seems to stop us crazies from racing!
The Summer series at the Nitro Pit kicked off last weekend and drew a large crowd to do battle the AZ Nitro way. In spite of the 108 temps racers from all over came out to kick off this years series. To spice things up a bit we use a starting gate for the summer series. This adds plenty of excitement to the program and is quite fun.

Both of my 2.0 vehicles were up for the challenge and I was able to secure the TQ in both classes. As the sun went down the temps began to be a bit more bearable and by main time it was quite nice out. The expert buggy main was a hard fought battle between myself and fellow team mate Chris Wheeler. Chris drove a great race and he was rewarded with the 20 lap win, good job Chris!

Gates starts for truggy are always a blast and the one for this main did not disappoint. I got a decent start, was able to take over the lead on the first lap and never looked back. Thanks to Billy Fischer for some new set up ideas that have made my truggy the best its been. I am looking forward to the up coming Roar fuel Nats to see how we stack up to the competition.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank you, guys

I'd like to publicly thank Pro-Line's Scott Hughes for choosing the Team Losi Racing 1/10 Comp Crawler as his rig at the 2009 Axial West Coast Crawling Championships. We realize that Scott could run any vehicle he chooses and we're proud that he chose ours. Thanks again, Scott!
Also, a big congratulations to Jake Wright and Steve Fillion for their outstanding results at this comp.

The WCC Experience - by Jake Wright

First off, WOW! I've never been to a bigger, tougher, crazier, or more competitive event... ever! Parker and company really stepped up the courses and the event as a whole was awesome. Huge thanks to my sponsors Losi, Spektrum, RCP Crawlers, Rocksmith engineering, and everyone else who made this event possible. Everyone who dragged their rigs up the mountain for the WCC left with memories that will last a lifetime.

So about those courses... We all know that Parker is a madman, but this year he really went all out. Water, mud, sand, cables, bridges, banners, and courses that made you drive 100 yards or more were just some of the challenges. Oh, and throw in a 6 minute time limit and some very inviting bonus lines and you have the WCC.

After practicing on Friday, I knew I had to make a few changes to get my rig to where I wanted it. The rock at Donner Ski Ranch is tricky, it has tons of traction in places, and zero traction in other places. I slapped on a brand new set of Comp Claws and took an ounce out of each rear tire in hopes of finding a little more forward bite... and it worked! My Losi felt like it was glued to the rocks!

The level of competition at the WCC was just incredible. The best drivers in the US were there and putting up low scores all over the place. I drove pretty conservatively on day 1 and didn't attempt any bonuses, but I did finish all 4 courses with a total of -53 points. This put me solidly in 2nd place but just a few points ahead of some incredibly talented drivers.

Day 2 the courses were even tougher and I did my best just to keep putting in negative scores. Time management was huge and I watched several great drivers put in great runs only to time out just inches from the finish. I was definitely in the zone on Sunday and I took on the bonus lines on all 4 courses, netting me a score of -69, and a total of -122 for the weekend!

Going into the final 10 shootout, I knew I needed a good run. Grover and Kolby were only a few points behind me and any mistake could knock me out of the final 5 shootout. The course had a 3 minute time limit, and was absolutely brutal. I struggled a bit on gate 1, but managed to finish with just seconds to spare... keeping me in 2nd place.

The final 5 shootout course was awesome. It was a crazy combination of water, mud, bridges, boudaries, and crowds. I felt like the entire RC crawling community was watching when I stepped up to drive.

I ran a perfect -10 in the finals course and locked in my 2nd place finish. Jake H. was on his game all weekend and there was no chance for me to catch him. I might have had a shot had I been more aggressive on day 1, but even then he would have been tough to beat. He is a great driver and competitor, and I feel that he's stepped up his driving a lot too... oh well, time to practice more

All and all, it was one incredible weekend of wheeling at one of the coolest compsites in the world. I went into Donner on a mission, and I don't feel that I let anyone down. I wanted to show the world what the Losi rig was capable of and I wanted to honor my dad on the rocks the only way I know how. I know he was there watching too... I ran the 022 stickers all weekend and certainly felt like he was right there with me.

For now, I've got to figure out how to get all that mud off my rig and then its back to the rocks for more practice. The Vanquish LaGuerra en Rocas Rojo event in Colorado is two weeks away and the next battle is always just over the horizon...


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Electric Nationals - A2 Mod Buggy

Electric Nationals - A2 Mod Truck

The Losi team was charging hard with Dakotah Phend just about stopping Maifield from winning the ROAR Champoinship in Mod truck. Everyone here cannot wait to see what Dakotah does in the last A3 of Mod Truck; it should be good.

Be sure to look for results here on the Losi blog. I will post the Mod Buggy, and Mod 4wd Buggy is the next race.

Electric Nationals - A1 Mod 4WD Results

Electric Nationals - A1 Mod Buggy

As you can see Maifield was docked 5 secs for taking-out Tebo at the finish line, which gave Cavalieri the win.

Electric Nationals - A1 Mod Truck results

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Electric Nationals - Here Are The Mains

Check out the mains!!! Matt Chambers, Dustin Evans and Mike Truhe put their Team Losi Racing Xcelorin-powered cars in all three modified mains. Dakotah Phend was the talk of the pits with his blazing fast runs in Mod Truck and Mod 4WD Buggy with his Xcelorin powered 4WD buggy and 2WD truck in the main. Billy Fischer also put his Xcelorin-powered modified truck in the main. Look for updates tomorrow.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Electric Nationas - Results For The Day

Electric Nationals - Done For the Day

We are done for the day. The team did really well with Dustin Evans on top after two rounds of 4WD. Dakotah Phend was the talk of the pits after getting second for Round 2. I think everyone needs to watch out for Dakotah tomorrow, he just gets faster and faster every time he is on the track. Matt Chambers is looking really good for tomorrow, and Mike Truhe's first round today was good but he had some problems in 2WD truck and 2WD buggy. Billy Fischer is getting faster and faster each time he hits the track. People should be looking for him to be at the top of the field tomorrow. I have been trying to blog some video but having some problem with this. I think there are too many people on the web in the building. I will try to post some tonight, so look for an update in the morning.

Electric Nationals - Round One is Complete

We have made it through the first round! The track is really grooved-up at this point. 2WD is looking good after round one with Mike Truhe in 4th, Matt Chambers in 6th, Dustin Evans in 7th and Billy Fischer in 10th. They are going to make some small changes to their vehicles for round two.
In the truck class Dakotah Phend finished in 3rd, Mike Truhe in 4th, Dustin Evans in 6th, Matt Chambers in 8th and Billy Fischer in 14th. In 4wd Dustin Evans was really fast and finished in 2nd, Mike Truhe in 3rd, Billy Fischer in 12th, Matt Chambers in 15th and Dakotah Phend in 16th.
Round two is getting started right now. I plan to get some more video posted so look for more updates later today. Good Luck Team Losi!

Electric Nationals - The Rain is Coming Down

We are currently at a stand-still due to some rain. So far this morning we have run one Modified Truck race and now we are stopped at the second Modified Truck run. It looks like the storm is very small and should be over soon. Right now the track looks to be in good shape, so we will see what happens.

Electric Nationals - Practice is Complete

Well practice has ended and we anticipate good weather going into tomorrow. The track has started to groove without getting too many bumps, and in some spots the track is even starting to break-up a bit.

Most of the faster lap times stayed in the 30 sec/lap time range for 2WD Truck, and some of the really fast guys are running 28 sec/lap. If the track does not break-up too much, everyone should be able to maintain at these rates. I will post another update tomorrow after round one of qualifying.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Electric Nationals - Update on Thursday's Practice

The track is coming in really nice today. The surface is starting to groove-up a bit, and the tires to use are the Losi IFMAR Pin treads. Mike Truhe is looking very fast in 4WD and Dustin Evans is extremely fast in 2WD. So far today we have completed two rounds of practice and the final round is starting right now. I will post another update after this final round, along with some video of the team.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Electric Nationals - Mike Truhe Running his XXX-T CR

Here is a video of Mike Truhe running his XXX-T CR truck. In this video Mike was running 30 second lap times, which seemed to be the fastest lap time of the day.

I think the track will get a little faster tomorrow. There were a couple of spots on the track that were still a little wet and would slow the vehicles when their chassis hit the ground. Tomorrow the team will be running three, six minute heats during practice. It will be nice to get this extra round of practice since most of the today's practice was rained out. The team is feeling really good about tomorrow, as they should have a good starting set-up.

The HobbyTown USA here in Omaha is outstanding. They have everything you need to get started in the hobby. They have a really nice outdoor track, as well as a really clean indoor carpet track with a nice pit area that will accommodate several people. If you want to slow things down, they also have nice indoor and outdoor rock crawling tracks. So what I'm trying to say is if you are ever in Omaha, be sure to stop by their HobbyTown USA!

Well I am off to bed. Be sure to look for additional updates tomorrow.

Electric Nationals - A Couple Laps with Dustin Evans

Well the rain stopped and we were able to practice for about five hours today. The whole team was looking good with Dustin and Mike putting in some of the fastest laps of the day. I got a couple of runs in today and the track was so much fun; it is really nice to be running on a track surface other than blue groove this year.

Check out the video of Dustin above, I will be posting another video of Mike running his truck tonight. Check back tomorrow for more updates!

Nor Cal Series Rnd 4, Riverfront R/C

Hi guys! We just had our Nor Cal Series rnd 4 at my track, Riverfront R/C and it was a great turn out. I had my work cut for me trying to run the race and race at the same time, but it turned out fine with the help of John Scott and Jason Moberly. I ended up TQ in both buggy and truggy and also went on to take the win in both. At Riverfront R/C we have a Dash For Cash at every race witch means the top 2 quals of each class goes in and is staggered through out the track with a 4 min sprint and a hundred dollars is up for grabs, it's a lot of fun to race and watch. I came from the back and ended up winning, but not without a battle from young rising star Jacob Haas who also drives a Losi buggy and has only been racing gas for less than a year and he is fun to watch go around the track, watch out for this kid! My Losi cars and Novarossi engines where great and can't thank my sponsors enough for all the support!

Phillip Atondo

Electric Nationals - Some Pictures of the Track Before Practice

Well the Losi Team has made it to Omaha for the Electric Nationals, and it looks as though we will be up against some nice hot weather. Late in the afternoon yesterday we had one of the worst storms that I have ever been in. The track seems to be soaking up the water fast, and we should be able to start practice around noon today as long as we don't get anymore rain.

The team is looking forward to running on this track, especially since we have not been on a track like this in a long time. A lot of the races last year featured a blue groove track, and this track is more of a loose track. From what we can see it will be an all-Losi tire weekend. I will be sending updates throughout the day so keep checking back often.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting Ready for Electric Nationals

The team is doing some last minute practicing for the Electric Nationals in Omaha. The Losi team will be there in full force with Mike Truhe, Billy Fischer, Dustin Evans, Matt Chambers and Dakota Phend.

If you are attending this year's Nationals please be sure to stop by the Losi tent and say Hi. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello Losi race fans!

In the last month I have been busy building a couple of offroad tracks and recouping from a nasty Flu. But I was able to attend the 2nd annual Nitrocross State Championships. The event is held at the world famous Nitro Pit and includes gate motocross style starts and a unique qualifying format. This years attendance almost doubled last years and made for some exciting racing.

My good friend and fellow team mate Billy Fischer was the man to beat and proved it by Tqing both pro Buggy and Truggy classes. I thought I had a little something for him but he was pretty much perfect throughout the day and all I had was not good enough. Both of my 2.0 vehicles were awesome and I was able to qualify 2nd in truggy but a tangle with lapped traffic took me out of the race and ended any chances of a podium finish.

In buggy I had a rough time in qualifying and transfer ed out of the simi with Losi driver Clint Wachter. This landed us in the 9th and 10th spot on the grid.

Local Losi driver's Chris Wheeler was awesome in the qualifying and ended up starting right behind Fischer. New Losi team drivers Trevor Clement and Charles Hicks qualified well and set up the 20 lap main for a possible Losi podium sweep.

When It was all said and done Billy ran a flawless race and took the win without too much of a fight, I was able to battle back to a second with Mike Morales rounding out the podium.
I am looking forward to the upcoming ROAR fuel Nationals in July and would like to see a Losi on top once again.

Friday, May 29, 2009

CVR Memorial day Shoot out

Hi guys! Last weekend CVR in Madera CA. had there annual Memorial Shoot out race. Ryan Lutz and Chad Bradley showed up and a whole crew of fast local talent. When I showed up in the morning the track was so dry and dusty and at times hard to even see your car. Both my buggy and truggy were AWESOME and felt confident going into the weekend. I ended up TQ in buggy and the only one to get the extra lap. I also TQ'ed truggy by 10 seconds over Lutz. When it was time for the 45min mains the next day I ended up running Red Eclipse on the buggy and they felt great. When the race started I pulled away from the field slowly and built myselfe up a half track lead on Lutz and Bradley and with only 15min left I ran out of gas due to me not hearing my pit guy to come in, but he got me back out there and I charged back to 2nd place. In truggy everything was great and went on to a win by 3 laps with my Toro Nero running perfect all the way to the end and took home some $cash! I ran the New M3 Caliber truggy tire and they felt great all through the race. I'm putting on a club race this weekend at my track, Riverfront R/C and it should be a good time. Our track layout this year is awesome and provides a lot of great racing. hope to have all of you out here soon!

Phillip Atondo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kickin off the summer

Hello all. We have been getting into full swing to kick off the summer race season. I have quite a few different big races in my near future. We head out to Omaha Nebraska in 3 weeks or so for the Roar electric nationals. Than just a week after we get home from that we have the always fun HRH shootout. Than the very next week i will be at the Roar Off Road Fuel nationals in Illinois where i am looking forward to try and defend my Roar fuel buggy national title. I am very confident going into this. I have been focusing mainly on my gas program and have been very excited to be working with my new Orion engines. They have been very good from the beginning and have been working with them and have made huge personal improvements. I am very excited for the future with Orion and working with the progression and development of the engines. I look forward to seeing you all at the races and lets all have a great and fun summer racing :)
Mike Truhe

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SoCal Crawlers Series Finale

We'll get Jake's setup posted here soon, in the mean time, I've copied and pasted his latest news.

I went into our Socalrcrc series finals over the weekend tied for 1st overall in the series. The pressure was on, and some of the best drivers in the club were within striking distance. The courses were very technical and I knew one mistake could drop me right out of the top 5 for the series. I've been putting in a lot of extra hours practicing with the Losi, and it paid off.

I ran all 3 courses with one total penalty point Two perfect scores, and one course with one reverse gave me a total of -22 for the day! It was easily enough for 1st place in the comp, and enough to wrap up the 2008-2009 Socalrcrc series title. Drivers in our club have really stepped up their game, and I'm proud to have been able to put the 2.2 Losi on top

As always, I have thank Rich and everyone else from Losi who has helped me along the way. These guys have put in countless hours designing the new rig, and its paying off. With the first shipment just days away from finally reaching you guys, I'm really not looking forward to having to compete against them on course

For now, I'm off for more practicing. The WCC is right around the corner, and with this rig I will be a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait for my chance to represent Losi and Socalrcrc against the best the world has to offer...

Team Losi