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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

22 Spring Cup Modification

Hello Everyone,

I thought I'd share a very easy modification I came up with to help get the 22 vehicles more adjustment for ride height.  Especially with the 22 4.0, recent setups have a lot of the race team running cars around 1500-1510g, making lower ride heights close with fully stock parts.  This modification is simple, quick and requires no additional parts.

Step 1 - Remove your rear spring cup.  The material that will be removed is shown in the image below marked with a silver sharpie.  Essentially, we are going to remove the lip that usually rests atop of the shock eyelet, which allows the spring cup to slider down a few more millimeters.

Step 2 - Remove the material from the spring cup, using a 6.2mm drill bit, either with a drill or a Dremel.  You can also use a grinding bit.

Below is an image of a modified spring cup on the right, with a stock spring cup on the left.

Thanks guys!

Zeke Ballinger

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New 8th Scale 5mm Rod Ends

Howdy Folks,

     I wanted to just make a quick post here on a new item we released a few weeks ago now.  These are TLR344015 5MM Moly Rod End Set:8B, 8T.  These can be used on any of our 8th scale vehicles using the 5mm turnbuckles.  These are out of a new material and are more free than the original LOSA6047 and will not need to be squeezed when the temperature changes.  Thats it for today gents!

Good luck out there to those attending the nitro challenge.  We will be out there under the tents so if you need anything or have any questions or just feel like saying hello, please do.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New 22-4 2.0 Setup

Hello Racers!

During our recent testing in preparation for Reedy Race, team driver Reno Savoya got all of our 22-4 2.0s' way more dialed in with an outside the box setup idea.  After showing us how good it was with his speed on the track while running at Travis Brock's SDRC Raceway, Dakotah and I both gave it a try and we instantly knew it was an improvement for the car - and pretty much the rest of the team switched over during the Reedy Race.  What was this magical setup change... glad you should ask!

Reno deep in wrench mode!

We've found that running a ball diff in the rear, paired with a gear diff in the front, was a great way to maximize how the car drives.  The gear diff in the front allows the diff to 'free up' off power to help the car turn in and rotate quicker, then 'lock up' on power to pull the front end out of the turns.  The ball diff in the rear, gives the 22-4 the stability, consistency, and predictability of a ball diff setup.  Really, the front gear diff and rear ball diff setup gives you the best of both worlds, without the negatives of either.  Even the ball diff life-span in the rear is improved with the gear diff up front.

So here are some details we 'fine-tuned' after making this change.  With the ball diff adding consistency in the rear, we found that we could run the front diff with thinner oil to improve steering.  We're pretty much all running 30,000cs oil in the front diff, so I'd suggest starting here.  If you want a little less aggressive steering, try moving up to 40,000cs.  For the ball diff, we've been running it set very similar to a 2wd 'normal' diff setting, about 1 full rotation.  We have found that running the diff too tight can make the rear feel a little less consistent, almost like a solid axle.

If you have the 22-4 2.0, you'll need the parts listed below to try the ball diff setup in the rear:

1x   TLR232017  Outdrive Set: 22-4
1x   TLR232026  Diff Service Kit, Tungsten Balls: 22-4
1x   TLR237000  5x8x2.5mm Bearings (2)
2x   The black bearing spacers that come with the 22-4 2.0 kits, in the tuning parts bag*

* These can also be found in TLR231043 and TLR231044

Give this setup a shot, we're confident you'll like it!

Race on!