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Sunday, December 1, 2019

New option parts for your TLR 8X vehicles

Hello everyone,

TLR has released a number of option parts for the 8X vehicles this past week, but we haven't yet seen any photos or deals on the items. Keep checking back here and at Horizon Hobby for updates.

TLR341023 carbon center rib 8X

TLR344046 carbon rear tower

TLR242037 Coupler and Pin, deep yoke

TLR242036 Rear CV driveshaft, deep yoke

TLR242035 Rear CV driveshaft set, deep yoke

TLR240015 Wing spacer, 10mm

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Putting the 5.0 steering rack on your 22T 4.0

This week's TLR's blog post about putting the 5.0 steering rack on your 22T 4.0 comes from TLR driver Ean Reilley

It’s a very simple modification of the bulkhead as shown in the pictures, which can be easily done with a dremel.  Make sure to keep checking the clearance so you don’t remove too much material, which would make the bulkhead weak. Also, when doing this you need to make sure to use the 5.0 Ackerman Plates along with changing out your tunbuckles to 55mm length; same length as the 5.0 rear turnbuckles. The benefit of this modification is how smooth the steering is all the way throughout the corner and the ability to get a little more steering.

Parts needed
TLR331032 (23t)

I would like to thank Ean for the post and good luck in your racing!

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Friday, November 8, 2019

1/18 Mini-T 2.0

Reinvented with modern technology and Team Losi Racing engineering, the Losi Mini-T 2.0 1/18th-scale 2WD Truck honors the heritage of the original Mini-T with features and options never dreamed of back in the day.


Scaled Down Version of the 1/10th 22T
Mid Motor Configuration
Aluminum Chassis
Threaded Oil Filled Shocks
Fully assembled and ready-to-run
Dynamite 7.4V 2S 650mAh 20C Li-Po Battery
BK Bar Tires with Dish Wheels
Full Ball Bearings (less steering)
Servo Saver
Waterproof electronics*
22 Suspension Geometry
Option Parts Availability


Reinvented with modern technology and Team Losi Racing® engineering, the Losi® Mini-T® 2.0 1/18th-scale 2WD Truck honors the heritage of the original Mini-T with features and options never dreamed of back in the day. With suspension geometry updated and taken from the TLR® 22 platform and the inclusion of waterproof* electronics with a 2.4Ghz radio system, everything here takes a step above the Mini's on the market. RC enthusiasts looking for something small, but with the performance of a 1/10 scale vehicle will find plenty to love in the Mini-T 2.0. It features a mid-motor configuration for better balance, oil filled shocks, aluminum chassis, and a full range of option parts all in a total ready-to-run package. You get TLR engineering and performance in a 1/18th size package.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

New 22 5.0 ELITE Setups posted

Check out Frank and Dakotah's latest setups! Setups from Hobby Action, RC ClubHouse, and Rise Up. After Frank worked closely with Kevin Kimberly at Rise Up, he found a better balance for the 22 5.0 AC with ELITE parts on carpets.

Frank Root Rise Up

Dakotah Phend RC Clubhouse

Frank Root Hobby Action

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Thursday, October 24, 2019


Hello everyone,

The first of the TLR Championship Series has come and gone with great success. It was truly amazing to see how everyone at R/C Excitement, Inc was so involved with the many seminars that we held throughout this event. Please take a second and check out this short video on the TLR Facebook highlighting the weekend. TLR Facebook

We can’t wait for the next round at RC Fun Park and Hobbies at the Tower DEC. 6-8. DON’T MISS OUT!!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

My TLR 8IGHT XE electronics setup

Hello everyone,

This week, I would like to share my TLR 8IGHT XE electronics setup. After another great result here in Florida at the 1/8th FORCE series, I've received several requests to share what my electronics setup is and I thought it would be good info for here on the TLR Blog. Below I've outlined the manufacturer, equipment, and settings form this past Saturdays FORCE series event at Mills Pond in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Tekin equipment
T250 Servo 
1/8 RX8 Gen3 BL ESC 4030 T8 Gen3 BL Motor 1900kv Combo

Speedo settings
4cell (3.0 voltage cutoff per cell)

Drag Brake: 10
Brake Strength: 100
Push Control: Off
Brake Minimum: 0
RPM Brake: 2
Active Drag: On
Brake Frequency: 6kHz

Neutral Width: 25
Torque Level: 9
Reverse Speed: Off
Throttle Minimum: 3
Throttle Frequency: 8kHz

Timing Profile:1
Curves: 3

Trinity equipment

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Looking to save money?

Looking to save money on your next 1/10 TLR purchase and 1/8 TLR purchase ? Then check out the Kickoff to Savings sale!

Now through October 21st, save 15% on select TLR vehicles such as the following:
- Team Losi Racing 1/10 22 5.0 2WD Buggy DC Race Kit, Dirt/Clay (TLR03016)
- Team Losi Racing 1/10 22 5.0 2WD Spec Racing Kit, Dirt/Clay (TLR03018)
- Team Losi Racing 1/10 22 5.0 2WD Buggy AC Race Kit, Astro/Carpet (TLR03017)
- Team Losi Racing 1/8 8IGHT-XE 4WD Electric Buggy Race Kit (TLR04008)
- Team Losi Racing 1/8 8IGHT-X 4WD Nitro Buggy Race Kit (TLR04007)

This promotion is available at any participating Horizon Hobby retailer. Follow this link more information or to shop online:

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