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Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 1 Report From The World Championships In Argentina

Not to much went on today other then waking up to some good amount of rain that would put most of the track under water.  really not to big of a deal at this point as their was know practice today and they were able to get the track cleared off by the end of the day.  The first couple of heats tomorrow I am sure will be a little wetter then they would want but but over all the next two days look good.  The really scarce around here is what the weather is looking like Monday through Wednesday next week. We are suppose to get a lot more rain and all the water from the surrounding areas drain right into the track.  We are hoping for the best and the weather changes. 

The team spent most of the day getting mud cars ready just in case we will be racing in the rain later in the week.  We made a couple of trips to the local Walmart and checked out some of the local scenery in the area but not wondering to far from the hotel.  At this point we are just very eager to get on the track and get the show on the road.  Team is very excited to be here and are all very ready.  

Tomorrow we have check-in for all drivers and set-up in the pits.  We will get one free practice round around 2pm.  that will be it for tomorrow with some small preparation shortly after to get ready for the full day of practice the following day.  (Let's just hope for no rain tonight)