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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Updated Shock Building Video with Dustin Evans

Updated Shock Building Video with Dustin Evans

We updated our shock building video with Dustin Evans to show the new steps to bleeding your shocks, with the new bleeder caps for the 22 platforms vehicles.  Enjoy!!! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

TLR334000 Bleeder Cap O-Rings

We have just released TLR334000 O-Rings, Bleeder Shock Cap (8): TEN to make shock building easier on the TEN and 22 series of vehicles.
Today, TLR users of the TEN series such as the SCTE or the 22 series vehicles typically run a shock without a bladder which is know as an emulsion type shock.  Many use the bleeder based caps that we offer for these vehicles.  This change applies to those using the metal bleeder caps and not those using the RTR or plastic bleeder caps.  The bleeder caps come with an o-ring that you place inside the shock cap and then have to flip the cap over while keeping the o-ring in place, and tighten the cap to seal the shock.  That o-ring after a while softens and can twist leading to a leaky shock.  So, many have continued using cut out bladders as they seem to stay in place a little easier, although you cannot get them all perfect.
Provided Bleeder Cap O-Ring

TLR has now released TLR334000 which is an o-ring designed to go around the threads on the top of the shock and sit up against the ledge that your aluminum shock cap tightens down against.  Simply roll them up over the threads as you can see in the image below:

Start on one side of the shock and roll the O-Ring over the other side of the shock
Then roll it down all the way against the ledge on the shock as seen here.
Roll the O-Ring all the way down to the base of the threads.
 All you have to do now is fill with oil and place the cap on top with NO inner o-ring.  This is the only seal you need and it stays in place now and is always there. 

Race On!
Ryan Dunford

Thursday, September 20, 2012

TLR Foam Pit Mat and Complete 22 Ball Diff

Hey Guys,

We have a couple of new and really cool products announced today for TLR.

The first, is a TLR Foam Pit Mat.  This is a Yoga style mat with has become very popular with racers, and members of our race team.  Made from durable PVC material, the ability to roll up neatly for easy storage is great.  We have also added the TLR logos to the mat along the top and bottom for the entire length of the mat.  This allows the mat to be flipper either direction, and it can trimmed on either end, or the top/bottom and the TLR logos will still be present.  The mat is 24" x 68", a great size that should cover just about any pit area.  The mat is also 4mm thick, nice and durable.

Check it out here on

TLR99014 - $18.99

The second item is something racers have been asking for.  Ask and you shall we receive:  we introduce the Complete Ball Diff, Tungsten Balls: 22/T/SCT.  This is a complete diff including outdrives, 5x8 bearings, updated diff outdrives with a 2nd operation for improved ring flatness, and now with Tungsten Carbide diff and thrust balls.  This allows you to build a completely new diff, and replace the diff already in your car for quicker maintenance at the track, or to replace the gear diff included in the 22 and 22T RTR's for upgraded handling performance.

Check it out here on
TLR232000 - $59.99

We hope you enjoy, and RACE ON!


Monday, September 17, 2012

22SCT Option Parts - Which Should I Start With?

Hey Guys,
One of the most frequent questions I get asked and see in forums goes a little something like this:

"I am pickup up a 22 kit, what other parts should I pick up straight away?"

I went through the TLR 22 Kit, and am going to cover the 22SCT next.  There are a lot of people picking up TLR's newest vehicle, and I wanted to get the guide done for this bad boy stat.  Let me preface this by mentioning that some of the suggested parts to alter the setup of the car, and I will be suggesting components based on the "Team" Setup from the HRH Off-Road Shootout, which seems to work well for many racers.  That setup can be found here on

The 22SCT is a great 2wd Short Course Truck out of the box, but there are some parts that our race team likes to use on their cars to improve performance and durability. Here is a list of the parts, in order of importance, that our team drivers prefer to run and short details of why we choose to do so.  See what parts might fit your needs the best, and keep in mind that none of them are needed, but offered as potential upgrades.

Race On!
Frank Root

1.  TLR1043-Front King Pin, Threaded, TiNitride (2).  These Kingpins improve the durability of the spindles by not allowing the spindle halves to move away from each other in a hard impact.  Since switching to this through kingpin, I have never broken a spindle.
TLR1043 - $9.99

2.  TLR1555/TLR1556/TLR 1557-Aluminum Servo Horn. TLR offers three of the aluminum servo horns to support all of the different servo splines. The aluminum servo horn increases durability over the stock servo arms. TLR1555 is a 23t spline and supports Spektrum, Airtronics, and JR servos. TLR1556 is a 24t spline and supports HiTec servos, while TLR1557 is a 25t spline and supports Futaba servos.

TLR1555 - $9.99

3.  TLR5074-Low Friction Shock Shaft O-Rings (8). If you want ultra free shocks with very little o-ring stiction, these o-rings work the best. There might be a small amount of oil weepage from the bottom of the shock cartridge and shock rebuilds will need to be more frequenty, but the performance can be worth the work if you are serious about your racing.  Some racers have had good luck running 1 standard gray o-ring and 1 low-friction black o-ring in each shock for a balance of low maintenance and low friction.

TLR5074 - $3.99

4.  LOSB3992-4mm Aluminum Serrated Lock Nuts, Black (6).  The serrated lock nuts will dig into the plastic of the rear wheel, creating a very positive lock that will not allow the wheel nuts to loosen during running.
LOSB3992 -$7.99

5a.  TLR334001-Sway Bar Kit, Front: 22SCT.  The 22SCT has a great setup for lower grip tracks, but when running on medium to high bite tracks, the front sway bar kit is a phenomenal tuning option.  The kit includes all hardware needed, and 3 bars for amazing tuning options: White (1.0mm), Yellow (1.2mm), and Pink (1.5mm).
TLR334001 - $15.99
 5b.  TLR334002-Sway Bar Kit, Rear: 22SCT.  The 22SCT has a great setup for lower grip tracks, but when running on medium to high bite tracks, the rear sway bar kit is a phenomenal tuning option.  The kit includes all hardware needed, and 3 bars for amazing tuning options: White (1.0mm), Yellow (1.2mm), and Pink (1.5mm).
TLR334002 - $15.99
6.  TLR1058-Caster Block, 5 Degree. Once we really got out and testing the 22SCT on, we found that the balance of 25 degrees of kick, paired with 5 degree caster blocks (30 degrees total) was a good balance for the 22SCT on high bite surfaces.  The kit setup of 30 degrees of kick, paired with 10 degrees caster blocks (40 degrees total) is great for lower grip.  Many are liking 30 degrees of kick, with 5 degree caster blocks (35 degrees total) for medium grip indoor tracks.  The 30 degree front pivot block and 10 degree caster blocks are already included within the 22SCT kit, so you will just need to pick up the 5 degree caster blocks to try either of these tuning options.

TLR1058 - $5.99

 7.  TLR2935-Rear Hex, +1.5mm Width, Aluminum:  22SCT.  The 1.5mm hexes widen the rear track of the car 1.5mm per side, adding a total of 3.0mm for increased stability. Some of the team will run +.75mm hexes (TLR2934) for a total increase of 1.5mm track width as a nice inbetween ground for the 22SCT.

TLR2935 - $19.99
8.  TLR6019-Ballstud/Hub Spacer Set, Aluminum: 22.  I really like using the aluminum ball stud washers as they will not compress like the plastic counter parts and provide an accurate and trick looking way to adjust your roll centers, wheel base and front spindle height.
TLR6019 - $17.99

9a.  TLR1072-Front Pivot, Aluminum: 22
9b.  TLR1105-Front Pivot, 30 degree, Alum: 22
The main reason the team likes to run the aluminum front pivot is the added weight on the front end and the change . The aluminum pivot adds 7 grams of weight over the stock plastic pivot providing a smoother off-power feel and increased on-power steering. If you are interested in adding even more weight to the front of your 22 the (TLR1049)25 degree brass kick shim adds 8.8 grams of weight and the (TLR1048) 20 degree brass kick shim adds 16grams of weight.  The TLR1072 pivot have 20 or 25 degrees of kick when paired with the appropriate kick shim..  The 25 degree pivot will still work with the 30 degree front hinge pin brace as well.  When using the 30 degree pivot setup, the TLR1105 pivot does not require a kick shim.

TLR1072 - $24.99

TLR1105 - $24.99
10.  TLR2060-Rear Camber Block, Aluminum.  TLR offers this for added durability. The aluminum camber block offers superior durability and adds 6 grams off weight to the rear of the car aiding forward traction. 
TLR2060 - $29.99

11.  TLR2062-Front Camber Block, Aluminum: 22SCT.  TLR offers this for added durability. The aluminum camber block offers superior durability and adds 6 grams off weight to the rear of the car aiding forward traction.  The 22SCT Front Camber Block also has an additional 2mm of material built into the ball stud surface (same as the 22SCT plastic camber block) for added durability and the sway bar mounting surfaces.
TLR2062 - $24.99
12.  TLR4150 Battery Tray, Aluminum. This is not a necessity but the aluminum battery tray does allow you to move the battery 10mm forward.
TLR4150 - $24.99

13.  TLR4167-Brass Weight System, Rear Motor: 22.  This handy kit includes a 2 count of 7g brass weight pieces designed specifically to mount above the front mounting tabs of the rear motor transmission case.  When extra rear grip is needed, this is one of our go-to adjustments.

TLR4167 - $16.99

14.  TLR4166-Titanium Shock Mounts (4): 22.  Although the steel mounts that come in the kit are very sturdy, you may see a front mount bend in a really hard wreck.  Since switching to the titanium mounts, I have yet to bend my first one and the reduction in weight is always welcome as well.

TLR4166 - $24.99

15.  TLR6056-Titanium Turnbuckles, 22SCT. The kit will shave a bit of weight off you 22SCT, and add a bit factor of increased durability.   
TLR6056 - $39.99
16.  TLR2056-Rear Outer Threaded Hinge Pins. If you don't want any e-clips on your 22SCT.

TLR2056 - $9.99

17.  TLR8061-Hi Performance PRE-CUT SCT Body: 22SCT, SCT, SCTE.  When you are ready for a new body, picking up this PRE-CUT body with all the air release holes already removed will save you about 2 hours of time with a high-speed rotary tool!
TLR8061 - $54.99

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Short Course Showdown-Qualifying Report

Short Course Showdown-Qualifying
Las Vegas, NV

Today was the start of the Vegas Short Course Showdown at 702 RC Raceway.  We ran three rounds of qualifying today with the fourth and final round running tomorrow morning.  The track was exactly the same as yesterday and seems to stay really consistent throughout the day today.  I do have to say the track is pretty difficult in the Pro 2 class do the low grip and everyone being so close in speed, one mistake and you are out of it.  The 4wd class is a lot of fun since they develop so much more grip on this loose track and it really made for some good close racing.  I will say that the heads up racing in qualifying is awesome!!  They should do this at all races and even in some of the other classes.  It makes it more fun for the racers and for the spectators, with most of the races came down to the last lap. 

The team did a fantastic job today in all the classes!  TLR driver Billy Fischer was wheeling today in both 2wd and 4wd but really stood out in the 4wd class taking the TQ in all three rounds of qualifying today.  His consistent runs in Pro 2 with his TLR 22 SCT truck will put him 4th after the three rounds.  With it being rocket round format he can still take the TQ.  I was very impressed with Mikey Bustamante and Jason Ayers putting their Losi Ten-SCTE in the Pro4 main and their TLR22 SCT trucks in the Pro2 main so far after three rounds.  TLR driver Rocco Epler was the loan granger in the Losi Short Course Buggy class with some stiff competition in the class Rocco was able to set the time to beat going into the final round tomorrow.  Rocco also has to solid run in the stock SC class setting second going into tomorrow.  I will be looking forward to the final round tomorrow myself as I need to get my butt going and get a good run in 2wd. 

Here are the TLR driver’s results after three rounds:

Losi SCB Class
1    1.   Rocco Epler
2    2.  Richard Narciso
3    3. Chris Margolis
      4.  Paul Mclain
5    5. Rastamon
6    6. Richard Ealy
7    7. Glenn Shimamura
8    8. Gabe Kaser    

Stock Short Course
2. Rocco Epler

Mod 2wd Short Course
4. Billy Fischer
6. Mikey Bustamante
8. Jason Ayers

4x4 Short Course
1   1. Billy Fischer
2   2. Mikey Bustamante
6   6. Jason Ayers
7   7. Kevin Gahan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Team Losi Racing Tours Las Vegas, NV

Team Losi Racing Tours Las Vegas, NV

A couple of the TLR boy’s and myself Headed out Wednesday for a short tour of Las Vegas, NV.  We started our tour at The Vegas RC Raceway with Mod buggy for the Wednesday night club racing, which was a lot of fun.  Eric has a great group of local races that are super fast.  The dirt is like know other dirt I have seen.  There is so much grip I can’t describe it. (you will have to make your way over there to understand)  Eric runs a great racing program and gets through it at a great pace.  If you are every in the area you will have to checkout The Vegas RC. 

The next stop on our trip was 702 RC Raceway on Thursday for a day of practice.  This is also the track that is holding the Short Course showdown starting this weekend.   We thought we would make our way there on Thursday for a little extra practice (I need all the practice I can get, LOL).  When you walk into 702 it is very roomy and open with a nice large track.  It is very light colored clay dirt.  The current layout that is in for the Showdown in pretty easy but a lot of for short course.  It will be a fantastic track come race time and with how loose the track is I also feel this will make it even more fun and realistic.  We only ran for a couple of hours and didn’t really make any changes to the cars on Thursday, as the track was pretty green.  I felt it would be better to wait and see how the track would come around for practice on Friday.  I was also pretty happy with both my TLR 22SCT and my Losi Ten-SCTE.  The rest of the team seemed to be happy with there cars as well so it was looking all good on Thursday with hopes of the track getting better and the cars just staying consistent with the changing track. 

With the short tour of the two Las Vegas RC tracks done and over with I have to say Las Vegas has it all.  If you are a huge buggy fan then The Vegas RC is a lot of fun and they get big crowds and on the other hand if you are way into Short Course then from the info I got 702 RC Raceway maybe for you.  If it was me I would race at both tracks as much as I could.  This both could do some much for your driving ability with the super hi grip on The Vegas RC and the lower grip on 702 RC Raceway you really get a chance to have the best of both worlds (Vegas really does have it all).