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Thursday, September 26, 2019

HD Pinion Bearing Set for the 8X and 8XE - TLR347000

We are releasing an upgrade bearing set for those of you that want the ultimate bearings for your race rig for the pinion bearings.  These are for the 8X and 8XE.  There are a couple reasons we are releasing these. 

One reason is to give you the option of some very good bearings that run true, smooth, and fast.  These are high quality bearings that have the best shields in them for the purpose.  The inside bearing gets a metal shield and the outer bearings get rubber shields to keep out the dirt.  These are easy to tell the difference as one shield is black and the other is orange red.  These are oiled bearings.  We have numerous cars that have had a single set of these bearings in place for over 6 months now and they are still very smooth.

The second reason is that we have seen a lot of people use clutch bearings in this pinion position and this is not correct.  A clutch bearing has looser tolerances so that when it heats up, it is in tolerance and tight.  The pinion will never heat up this much to heat up the bearing and thus when using clutch bell bearings, you are adding unnecessary wear and tear to your ring and pinion.

TLR347000 HD Pinion Bearings provides 2 of each size so enough to do your entire car.

Good luck at the races and have fun out there!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The TLR Champ Series

Hello everyone,

The TLR Champ Series is here!

TLR and Pro-Line Racing are proud to announce the 2019 -2020 TLR Championship Series presented by Pro-Line. What makes this series different than the rest?

- Over $1200.00 up for grabs in Horizon Hobby Bucks
- FREE PL Hand-out tires (Independent 17.5 2wd Buggy)
- FREE custom pit mat for each registered driver
- FREE Proline goodies for each registered driver
- FREE Seminars
- FREE Pizza Party
- Track walk with Pro drivers
- SpektrumRC radio loaner program
- Tons of raffle prizes
- Hobbies for Good Dash for Cash

October 11 – 13
R/C Excitement, Inc / Fitchburg, MA

WINTER CHAMPSDecember 6 – 8
RC Fun Park and Hobbies at the Tower / Granger, IN

April 24 – 26
Beach RC & Hobbies / Myrtle Beach, SC

June 26 – 28
Tacoma R/C Raceway / Tacoma, WA


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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

G2 gear diff build

Hello everyone,

In Touch With TLR- Frank Root walks you through the correct way to build a TLR G2 gear diff like a PRO!

#22empire #8realm #DriveTLR

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Golden Ticket

The TLR 22 DC 5.0 ELITE's are in stock and shipping! Make sure to click on the link below and enter your serial number for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes!

-Platinum Ticket: SpektrumRC DX6R 6-Channel DSMR Android-Powered Radio Transmitter Only with WiFi/Bluetooth (SPMR6410), Transmitter -Case: DX6R (SPM6719), Servo/Receiver with Team Tekin Racing ESC and Motor
- Golden Ticket #1: A Spektrum Race Servo
- Golden Ticket #2: MIP Radio Control RC Car Hop-Ups and Tools for the Hobbyist Puck System and Turnbuckle Wrench
- Golden Ticket #3: AKA Products Inc. Tire, Mounting Accessory and Tool Package
- Golden Ticket #4: JConcepts Inc Tire, Wheel, Body and Accessory Package
- Golden Ticket #5: Pro-Line Racing Tire, Body, Shirt and Accessory Package

Didn’t buy a kit, no problem, just send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.