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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Building Drive Shafts for The 22 Platform Vehicles

Building Drive Shafts for The 22 Platform Vehicles

Building CVA drive shafts are relatively simple but there are a couple of key things we would like to point out when building a set of CVA drive shafts together.  Check out this tech tip video to understand how to keep you and your TLR 22 on the podium!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reedy Truck Race Qualifying Report

Reedy Truck Race Qualifying Report
Today kicked off the 2012 Reedy Truck Race at Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, CA.  This event focuses on all the truck classes, Stadium truck and both 2wd and 4wd short course trucks (all the fun stuff).  I was a bit surprised with the turnout this year, only a little over 140 entries.  The truck classes have really been the popular classes at the local race tracks so I would have expected a bigger turnout.  Anyway, the race has really been a lot of fun as Jimmy's races always are.  I think the track this year has a lot to do with the fun, with no one have anything bad to say about it.  The grip in the track is much better this year over last year, it has more of a Shootout kind of traction, meaning very great traction.  Let's not forget about the weather, man did we get lucky with the weather, could not be any nicer.  

The team has been running very consistent and fast.  Just need a bit of luck to go our way tomorrow in the mains and we will be coming home with some hardware.  Billy Fischer was getting IT done in the Pro 4 class all day just missing TQ in the first round and the overall TQ, when it came down to the final round today with Billy taking the fight to the last lap.  A small mistake would give him two second in round one and round 3, giving him the 3rd spot on the grid for tomorrow.  We have a good number of fast TLR driver's in all the A-mains, so we have a solid chance of bringing home so titles.

Overall Qualifying Results:

Pro 2 Results:
4-Mike Truhe
5-Joel Eaton
8-Billy Fischer
12-Kevin Gahan
14-Mikey Bustamante 

Pro 4 Results:
3-Billy Fischer
5-Mike Truhe
7-David Jenson
8-Kevin Gahan
10-Ryan Dunford
11-Mikey Bustamante

Mod Truck Results:
3-Mike Truhe
4-Joel Eaton
6-Billy Fischer
14-Travis Brock  

Qualifying Report From Boston, MA at RC Excitement

Qualifying Day in Boston at RC Excitement

This morning was the start of the Jconcepts Indoor National Series in Boston, MA at Todd Anderson place (RC Excitement).  They had an amazing turnout with 350+ entries and 40+ heats.  This is a huge turnout for the Boston area, it's so great to see the growth from last year.  with the turnout so large it has forced them to run the third and final round of qualifying tomorrow morning before the start on the mains.

TLR driver Dustin Evans was on fire today with all of his TLR platform vehicles taking the first two round TQ's in all three classes and securing the overall TQ's.  This will put himself out front of the competition tomorrow for the mains.  Dustin Evans is competing in Mod Truck with his TLR 22T, Mod Short Course with his TLR 22SCT and the Mod 2wd class with his TLR 22 buggy.  Teammate Toddie Anderson has ran strong all weekend at his home track and looks to make some things happen tomorrow and put himself onto the podium.

Look for updates tomorrow with overall main event results!     


Thursday, October 4, 2012

TLR Pre Cut Chassis Tapes and Aluminum Pinions!

Hey Guys,

We have a few newproducts hitting the market this week that we are pretty excited about. 

For the TLR 22 line-up of vehicles, we are introducing TLR 22 Chassis Protective Tape, Precut (2).  There are 3 different versions, for the 22, 22T, and 22SCT respectively and all include the TLR and vehicle logos on the precut chassis tape.  During testing, these tapes have been very durable, lastaingas long, if not longer, than thicker sheets.  Once they require replacing, they peel off leaving very little, if any, of the adhesive residue on the chassis for a quick, easy clean-up.  Best of all, each pack of chassis tapes, include two sheets for the vehicle giving you twice the protection over time.  The chassis tapes will be availble next week.  See the images, part numbers, descriptions and links for each below.
TLR331000 - TLR 22 Chassis Protective Tape, Precut: 2   -   $9.99

TLR331001 - TLR 22T Chassis Protective Tape, Precut: 2   -   $9.99

TLR331002 - TLR 22SCT Chassis Protective Tape, Precut: 2   -   $9.99

We have also release the all new TLR Aluminum Pinion Gears.  All gears are 48P, Hard Anodized, Etched Aluminum for light weight, but very strong performance.  The pinions range from 16T to 38T for mod, stock, and all gearing inbetween.  Here is a link to all the pinions, and I'll highlight a couple below:
TLR332016 - Pinion Gear 16T, 48P, AL   -   $5.99

TLR332021 - Pinion Gear 21T, 48P, AL   -   $5.99
TLR332038 - Pinion Gear 38T, 48P, AL   -   $6.99

Hope you guys are enjoying the cool new parts for your TLR Vehicles, I know I am!

Race On!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Turnbuckle Tips for The 22 Platform Vehicles

Turnbuckle Tips for The 22 Platform Vehicles

Don't you hate sometimes when you put turnbuckles together and they seem tight, then when you adjust them they just pop off!  Well, we have a fix for that!  Just a couple of easy steps when putting the ball cups on the turnbuckle can fix all your problems and make adjusting the camber a breeze.