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Friday, April 24, 2015

3-Hole Pistons for the 22 Vehicles

Hello Racers!

TLR is happy to announce the release of 3-Hole 12mm Machined Pistons!  These pistons are offered in packs of 4, and with the hole diameters of 1.3mm and 1.4mm.  The TLR race team has had great success running the prototypes of these pistons on their 22 2.0 and 22-4 buggies and have dabbled with them on their 22T 2.0 and 22SCT 2.0's also.  Several key setups benefit from the reduced pack and quicker movement of the 3-Hole pistons, especially on tracks that are a little bumpier.  See some of the key setup links below.

The part numbers are TLR233017 for the 3x 1.3mm pistons, and the link to the TLR Site is here: 

The part numbers are TLR233018 for the 3x 1.4mm pistons, and the link to the TLR Site is here:

Racer Tip - The popular 22-4 setups have all included the Split (2x1.4mm, 1x1.3mm) rear piston setup.  With the new 3x1.3mm pistons, there is now an easier way to get to this setup.  Just take a 3x1.3mm piston and drill out the two holes with a 1.4mm drill bit, and you're done.  A lot less work and now no need for a 1.3mm drill bit either.  Check out those setups below.

We hope you enjoy these pistons as much as the team has! :)

Race On!