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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Adjustable Rear Motor Battery Brace!

Hello Racers,

One of the many new improvements on the TLR 22SCT 2.0, was an adjustable rear motor battery brace (TLR231031).  Feeling like it might have fallen under the radar as an awesome update to all 22 vehicles in RM configuration, I just wanted to highlight it here and some of the features.  Check it out at the link below as well: 

The RM Battery Brace, has the same top "shelf" that we used on the 1.0 versions, but for the 2.0 version, it is now removable with two M2.5 x 8mm BH screws.  This allows the option for having the ESC shelf either installed, or removed.  See the image of it installed below.

Full Size Pack
Removing the ESC "shelf" has been a popular choice for many RM racers.  They have had to cut the "shelf" off using a high speed rotary tool, but now it is easily adjustable without grinding to make it happen.  They will then mounting the ESC on the chassis to lower the weight of the car and get a cleaner electronics mounting setup.  See the image of an ESC mounted on the chassis below.  This image is of the 22SCT 2.0, so when doing so for the 22T or 22 2.0, you'll need to remove the ESC fan and mount the ESC further back.

ESC Mounted on the Chassis

The front of the brace also has some optional mounting choices for battery placement, five in total.  There are two "posts" included, which mount under the front two screws of the battery mount.  They allow a full size pack to slide between the front part of the battery mount with ease, just like the 1.0 version.  For the 2.0, we've also added a "U" shaped brace that has two sets of mounting holes.  The brace can be flipped forward or rearward, giving four additional mounting positions.  This helps tune the rear battery mount to be the correct length for shorty and full size packs, in the 22, 22 2.0, 22T, 22SCT and 22SCT 2.0 all with only moving the parts around slightly.

22SCT 2.0 with a Shorty LiPo, and ESC on the Chassis

See the page below from the 22SCT 2.0 to help further demonstrate some (not all) of the possible mounting scenarios.

22SCT 2.0 Manual Excerpt
Page 43

And the BEST part of the RM Battery Mount (TLR231031) is that it Retails for only $10.99, a great price for an awesome upgrade!

Thanks and Race On!
Frank Root