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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mounting Spindles into Aluminum Caster Blocks - 8X

Howdy Folks!

We wanted to go over some tips here on mounting the 8X spindle into the aluminum carrier.  Many of these tips can also be helpful for mounting them in the plastic carrier as well.

With wanting to keep tolerances tight, there are some important tips to getting the 8X spindle into the aluminum carrier that we wanted to share.  The main reason for this is many have been using the plastic carrier and will be switching over to the aluminum which can often mean some extra thread lock in some tight spaces.

For those of you building these from your used parts, make sure the surfaces of your spindle inserts are clean and clear.  It may be good to just lightly sand them flat if you see any thread lock on them.
Once you have those clean, it is the same process from here on out for those that are using new parts.  Start by placing thread lock into each hole in the spindle itself.  Please do not place the thread lock onto the screws for this item.  It tends to not make it all the way into the threads and thus you end up losing a screw and breaking parts.
Make sure you get enough in the hole to coat all the threads.
You can see in this image, there is plenty in the hole, but there is some that is on the surface as well.  Wipe the surface portion clean.
Do this to both sides.  Next, place the spindle inserts according to whether you want the spindle up or down and place the spindle between them.  Insert both screws a couple threads.  Now tighten one and then tighten the other. You should notice that thread lock has come out of the hole on the inside of the spindle like shown here.
Wipe this off of both sides so it does not get into the bearing bosses.
Now you can install your bearings and driveshafts and you are ready to go.  We hope this helps you out at the track.  Good luck out there!

Live with Dakotah Phend Feb. 27th

Hello everyone,

Tune in today Feb. 27th at 2pm PST on the TLR Facebook page for a live Q&A with Dakotah Phend after his 2nd place finish in Pro nitro buggy at The Dirt Nitro Challenge.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Team weekend rundown 2/16-2/17

Hello everyone, 

For this past weekend’s team weekend rundown, we have some awesome results from the RC Compound to Motorama. Thanks to everyone for the hard work and dedication to Team Losi Racing!

Caleb Jennings; TQ and Win in 2wd mod SCT at Motorama
Cole Henriksen; Win in 17.5 2wd and 13.5 4wd at the RC Compound
 Tom Rinderknecht; Win in 2wd mod at the RC Compound
Mason Fuller; Win in 4wd mod at RC Compound
Ean Reilley; Win 17.5 2wd at EN Hobbies
Frank Root; TQ and Win at SDRC
Curtis May; Awesome result at EN Hobbies
Kevin Kimberley; Awesome result at the California State Champs
Frank Prestigiacomo Jr.; Awesome result at the Motown Shootout
Tyler Noon; Awesome result at Motorama
Justin Watson; Win in 17.5 2wd at OCRC
Alex Vaughn; Awesome result at Leisure Hours
Andrew Gray; Awesome result at Motorama
David V McLean; TQ and Win in 13.5 4wd at TRCR

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

8IGHT-X and 8IGHT-XE wing raising

Hello everyone,

This past week TLR’s Kevin Gahan, on the latest installment of In Touch with TLR, on our FaceBook page talked about raising the rear wing on the TLR 8IGHT-X and 8IGHT-XE. From testing, we’ve found this slight modification adds grip and stability. There are many ways to do this, and you might find a better way, but here’s how I did mine. I used an old wing mount from an 8IGHT 4.0 cut it and added it to the existing wing mount on my 8IGHT-X. This raised the wing about 7mm’s. We’ve found you can go as high as 10mm’s.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

8IGHT X-E Tech Talk video

Hello everyone,

Sit back and soak it all in as TLR's Ryan Dunford gives you the inside scoop on the brand new 8IGHT X-E on his Tech Talk video. Click on the Facebook link below!

In stock now at Horizon Hobby!

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Team weekend rundown 2/9-2/10

Hello everyone,

For this past weekend’s team weekend rundown, we have some awesome results from the JConcepts Winter INS9 to the Rumble in the Rockies. Thanks to everyone for the hard work and dedication to Team Losi Racing!

Anthony Westgaard; Win in Expert Truggy and 2nd in Expert Nitro Buggy at round 2 of Grassroots series
Mason Fuller; Win in Mod Track and 2nd in both 2wd and 4wd mod at the JConcepts Winter INS9
Bradley Rippee; Win in both 2wd mod and 4x4 SCT at AMS superbowl race
Justin Watson; Win in stock buggy at JBRL
Aaron Kothman; TQ and Win in 2wd Mod at MakinTraxx
Don Vinkemulder; TQ and Win in Intermediate Buggy and Win in 40+ buggy at Grassroots series
Zeke Ballinger; Awesome result Rumble in the Rockies
Tyler Whitt; Awesome result at Rumble in the Rockies
Brian Valles; Awesome result at Hobbyplex in Omaha
Cole Henriksen; Awesome result at the JConcepts Winter INS9
Curtis May; Awesome result at EN Hobbies
Marlo Obus; Awesome result at AMS superbowl race
Charlie Maiorana; Awesome result at the JConcepts Winter INS9
Bibie Cruz; Awesome result at DRP Ice Breaker
Matt Sunderlage; Awesome result at Trackside
Kaden Fuller; Awesome result at the JConcepts Winter INS9
Matthew Williby; Awesome result at JBRL

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Team weekend rundown 2/2-2/3

Hello everyone,

For this past weekend’s team weekend rundown, we have some awesome results from Shifty’s RC Raceway in Oklahoma to Leisure Hours Raceway in Illinois. Thanks to everyone for the hardwork and dedication to Team Losi Racing!

Curtis May; Awesome result at The Ohio RC Factory
Aaron Cline; TQ and Win in 4wd at The Midwest Champs
Alex Vaughn; Win in both 13.5 4wd and 2wd mod at Leisure Hours raceway
Mike Tuntakit; Win at Rain Man’s hobby and raceway
Bob Zahn; TQ and Win at RC World in ON, Canada
Tyler Whitt; Win in 2wd at Trackside Raceway
Eli Westrup; Awesome result at RiseUp and Hobbytown
Shane Preugschat; TQ and Win in Truggy at Winter Rage
Chris Kelly; Awesome result at The Nitro Compound
Jordan Church; Awesome result at Shifty’s
Dougie E. M. Hobbs; Stadium Truck and 4wd SCT win at Winter Rage

#22empire #8realm #DriveTLR

More 8X Option Parts in stock and shipping!

We had more parts come in for the 8X this week. 

TLR341018 - Quick Change Engine Mount Only, 8X
TLR341019 - Quick Change Engine Mount Set, 8X

These allow you to leave the base of the engine in place and remove the engine from the top keeping your gear mesh set.

TLR344039 - Sway Bars, F 2.2/2.4, R 2.6/2.8: 8X

These are what we refer to as the even set.  This set makes it so you can make finer adjustments to your sway bar setups.

TLR344040 - Aluminum Spindle Carrier Set, 17.5: 8X
TLR344041 - Aluminum Spindle Carrier Set, 20: 8X

These both provide extra durability as well as tunability.  Each has an additional camber mounting location and the 20 degree carriers offer the ability to now run 20 degrees of caster.

Good luck out there!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

1/8 Differential Building Tip

Hey Guys,

Here is a quick build tip from Team Losi Racing’s Factory Driver Tyler Jones’s father, Randy Jones, who is an avid mechanic and is always looking for ways to improve the build on Tyler’s 8IGHT-X and 8IGHT-XE.

During the build of your 8IGHT-X differentials, it is hard to not get oil into the screw holes that hold the ring gear and spur gear onto the differential case. To alleviate any oil into the screw holes, Randy uses a #54 drill bit, which measures .055”, and drills through the four screw holes in the differential case. By performing this simple modification, it will allow the oil to escape and avoids the screw from hydro-locking in the differential case.