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Thursday, February 7, 2019

More 8X Option Parts in stock and shipping!

We had more parts come in for the 8X this week. 

TLR341018 - Quick Change Engine Mount Only, 8X
TLR341019 - Quick Change Engine Mount Set, 8X

These allow you to leave the base of the engine in place and remove the engine from the top keeping your gear mesh set.

TLR344039 - Sway Bars, F 2.2/2.4, R 2.6/2.8: 8X

These are what we refer to as the even set.  This set makes it so you can make finer adjustments to your sway bar setups.

TLR344040 - Aluminum Spindle Carrier Set, 17.5: 8X
TLR344041 - Aluminum Spindle Carrier Set, 20: 8X

These both provide extra durability as well as tunability.  Each has an additional camber mounting location and the 20 degree carriers offer the ability to now run 20 degrees of caster.

Good luck out there!

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