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Thursday, June 27, 2019

8ight-X Nationals Setups

Dakotah Phend and Tyler Jones Setups from Nationals posted!

We had some great success at this years nationals in buggy.  We had Dakotah TQ the event and Tyler Jones, Tanner Denney, Mason Fuller, Tom Rinderknecht, and Aaron Kothman make the Semis.

We have posted both setups from our A main drivers from the 2019 Nationals in Texas at Thornhill in the setups section on the 8ight-X product page.  I am also placing the direct links here for easy browsing.  Keep in mind these are pretty specific to that surface type and grip type.  It is pretty rare when we run clay compound tires or tires that work well on clay on any 8th scale vehicles but that is what most used.

Congratulations to Dakotah and Tyler for making the show!

Dakotah Phends

Tyler Jones

Thank you everyone and good luck racing!