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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 & TEN SCTE 2.0 Setup Tips

We are finally returning to our roots and bringing back the popular tuning tips with our latest releases. Unfortunately they are not in the manuals like they used to be, however they are now found online. You can now find the Team Losi Racing setup tips for the 8IGHT 3.0 and the TEN SCTE 2.0 here and also on each respective vehicle product page under the "Set-Up Sheet" section (8IGHT 3.0 Setup Section). We hope you find these tuning tips helpful dialing in your Team Losi Racing vehicle.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SCTE 2.0 Build Tips

We are glad to introduce the SCTE 2.0 to the market.  We feel this vehicle will push this class to the next level of racing in and outdoors for 4WD racing short course truck.  We have put together some build tips here to aid those of you that have yet to put one of the together.  We have tried to tie them to steps in the manual as well for ease of use.

Servo Saver Setting(A-2) – Upon building your servo saver, we often tighten ours all the way and then back it off 3/4 of a turn.  Please take special note of the use of thread lock here so it stays where it's set.

Torque Rods (A-5, D-14) – Always be sure to thread the long setscrew all the way into the plastic side first as this will support the plastic rod end from breaking from hard crashes.  Then place a little thread lock on the side going into the metal tube and just snug it against the metal tube.

Building Shocks (E-1) – We include both types of o-rings for the top caps that have been used over the past couple of years as some prefer one to the other.  There are the thinner larger ones and the thicker slightly smaller diameter ones.  I prefer the thinner larger ones and the way these are used is to slightly stretch them over the top threads and place them against the base that the top cap threads down onto.  This way, its always there, seals great, and you don’t have to mess with it being in the shock cap.  The other o-ring which is the larger one you can place inside the shock cap is not needed if using this method.

Bottom Shock Cap Assembly (E-1) – Some of you may experience some difficulty in getting the bottom plastic cap on the base of the shock that holds the o-ring and other guide in place.  There was some shrinkage that occurred during processing which has now been taken care of but we have been told some of the kits had the slightly tighter bottom caps.  You can get these on using the following method or if yours are too tight, you can contact customer support and they can get you some new ones out.  To get them on, thread the shock top onto the bottom all the way, place the shock tool on the eyelet of the top cap, grab the bottom cap with pliers and twist the bottom cap in place as shown in the picture below.  Then take the top cap off using the other shock tool as well and build as normal.

Side-Guards (F-1) – When installing the side-guards onto the chassis, at first glance, they look the same, however they are different.  One side holds the battery in place and one side allows room for the motor.  If you look along the inner edge of the guards, you will notice one has a high spot and the other is low the entire way.  The one with the high spot is for holding the battery and is the left guard and the other lower one is the right guard.

Battery Spacing – This is certainly a personal preference or a setup type adjustment, but here are some starting recommended positions.  A lot of it is based on the surface and the motor you run on.  For those of you running dirt off-road tracks, we recommend using the middle position if using a 540 length motor and the forward position if using a 550 length motor.  If running on carpet or Astro-Turf, it is one position back from each of those based on the motor size.

ESC Wire Lead Tip – Just wanted to point out that with the spacing and the pocketing we did, the ESC lead will fit under the servo and straight up to the receiver, rather than have to be routed around it.

Receiver and Transponder location – The servo mount has a flat face on the outside of the mount, this is a great location for both your receiver and personal transponder.  We have found that the personal transponders actually work better mounted up here rather than flat on the chassis.

SCTE 2.0 Setup Tips – Also, for those that haven’t read or downloaded a copy of this quick setup guide for the SCTE 2.0, please take a look at it here on the Team Losi Racing web page:

Race On!
Ryan Dunford

Saturday, February 16, 2013

TLR 8ight 3.0 Testing 

Yesterday we headed out to the track again this week for some more 8ight 3.0 testing before leaving for Nitro Challenge next week. We have been extremely happy with the set up we have come up with the last couple of weeks. We wanted to confirm our set up by hitting as many tracks as we can. We've found the set up to be very consistent from track to track with very little changes. The whole team has been working extremely hard the last few weeks working close and communicating daily. Billy Fischer and Dakotah Phend have been very involved with Adam Drake and Mike Truhe with all the set up changes. They have also been very happy with the current set up, saying there confidence is at an all time high and very much looking forward to The Dirt Nitro Challenge.  

The 8ight 3.0 has been a huge improvement with the bump handling and the ever better jump handling over the 2.0. We have also found the 3.0 to have a much better feel on the wheel,  meaning you can go faster and feel more comfortable as the steering is much smoother then the 2.0. We look to see everyone next week in AZ for the Dirt Nitro Challenge. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aluminum Driveshafts and TLR Shock Oil

Hello TLR Drivers,

We have few exciting new option/accessory parts for TLR that have been announced today.  To help gain the extra advantage in stock racing, we have developed Aluminum Driveshaft sets for the 22 line of vehicles: 22, 22T and 22SCT.  This helps to reduce the weight of your 22 vehicle in the most critical area, rotating mass.  You can purchase the complete driveshaft set with the axles, couplers, pins, set screws, thread lock and black grease, or you can purchase just the CVA bones.  The part numbers and prices are below each of the images below:

TLR332002 - Driveshaft Set, Aluminum, Complete, 22
TLR332005 - Driveshaft Set, Aluminum: 22
TLR332003 - Driveshaft  Set Aluminum, Complete, 22T
TLR332006 - Driveshaft Set, Aluminum: 22T

TLR332004 - Driveshaft Set, Aluminum, Complete, 22SCT
TLR332007 - Driveshaft Set, Aluminum: 22SCT

We also have the same great Losi Certified Shock Oil move over to the Team Losi Racing (TLR) brand and packaging.  The oil has not changed, just the part numbers and packaging.  See the list of part numbers below:

TLR74001 - Silicone Shock Oil, 17.5 wt., 2oz.
TLR74002 - Silicone Shock Oil, 20 wt., 2oz.
TLR74003 - Silicone Shock Oil, 22.5 wt., 2oz.
TLR74004 - Silicone Shock Oil, 25.5 wt., 2oz.
TLR74005 - Silicone Shock Oil, 27.5 wt., 2oz.
TLR74006 - Silicone Shock Oil, 30 wt., 2oz.
TLR74007 - Silicone Shock Oil, 32.5 wt., 2oz.
TLR74008 - Silicone Shock Oil, 35 wt., 2oz.
TLR74009 - Silicone Shock Oil, 37.5 wt., 2oz.
TLR74010 - Silicone Shock Oil, 40 wt., 2oz.
TLR74011 - Silicone Shock Oil, 42.5 wt., 2oz.
TLR74012 - Silicone Shock Oil, 45 wt., 2oz.
TLR74013 - Silicone Shock Oil, 50 wt., 2oz.
TLR74014 - Silicone Shock Oil, 60 wt., 2oz.
TLR74015 - Silicone Shock Oil, 70 wt., 2oz.
TLR74016 - Silicone Shock Oil, 80 wt., 2oz.
TLR74017 - Silicone Shock Oil, 90 wt., 2oz.
TLR74018 - Silicone Shock Oil, 100 wt., 2oz.
TLR74019 - Shock Oil 6 Pack, 17.5, 22.5, 27.5, 32.5, 37.5, 42.5, 2oz.
TLR74020 - Shock Oil 6 Pack, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 2oz.
TLR74021 - Shock Oil 6 Pack, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 2oz.

TLR74005 - Silicone Shock Oil, 27.5wt, 2oz.

We hope you enjoy the new product!
Race On!


Monday, February 4, 2013

8ight 3.0

Todd Hodge touched on most of these points, but wanted to take a few minutes and provide everyone with a little information about the Team Losi Racing 8ight 3.0 buggy. 

We spent a lot of time testing and improving the overall quality of the shock package on the 8ight 3.0. We improved the internal finish on the shock bodies to make the shocks as smooth as possible and to have a more consistent feel. The 3.0 also uses machined shock pistons, spacer and guide bushing to support and guide longer 16mm shock. This made huge improvements on bumpy tracks. TLR also change the coating of not only the shock shafts, but also the hinge pins to a much smoother, more durable coating called titanium carbo-nitride.

New springs:
The 8ight 3.0 uses a new Tapered shock spring that not only creates more clearance between the spring cup and the arm, but it also makes the spring rate more progressive. This allows the springs to have a softer rate at ride height and increase in stiffness as the shock is compressed. This system allows you to have increased traction and improved bottoming resistance when land large jumps.

The 8ight 3.0 chassis is not only lighter, but also in machined to have more flex to provide better handling on rough and low grip tracks.

Differential gear set:
The 8ight 3.0 comes with new gears. The new gear set is an updated that makes differential action smoother with an improved gear mesh.

New molded parts:
-Front arm to optimized durability and increased steering angle.
-Rear arm to accept the new droop screws and to have more clearance for the spring cup and optional rear dogbones.
-15 degree castor block (non-inclined). The new blocks not only have more caster, but also a different axle height and camber link location. The provide a much smoother more predictable feel with allow you to drive the car harder. The new axle height decreases dogbone plunge into the outdrive, which provides more consistent handling on all track surfaces.
-Front spindle arm height was changed to allow for more tune ability and bump steer adjustments.
-Body, wing, wing spacers, and wickerbills: The new cab forward body accommodates the revised chassis layout in addition to increased performance. The rear wing features larger side plates and improved air flow for greater downforce. Two included wickerbills accommodate various track conditions for increased downforce. Also included are two sets of wing spacers that move the wing further back on the car for more aerodynamic tuning.
-Wheels light weight dome styled wheels not only look great, but they also provide more clearance for maximum steering angle.

Option parts included:
The 8ight 3.0 has many new features that include improved suspension geometry, 16mm shocks, tapered shock springs, center dogbones, improved droop system, new wing, adjustable wing positioning, and wickerbill system, new wheels, multiple sway bars, 5mm turnbuckles, improved shock shaft and hinge pin coating and metal servo arm inserts. With the 8ight 3.0 you don’t need to purchase any option parts, they are included in the kit! The 8ight 3.0 includes the following option parts:

LOSA1754 Adjustable front pivot.
LOSA1759 LRC adjustable rear pivot.
LOSA3556 Lightweight 48 tooth spur gear.
LOSA3553 HD lightweight front and rear outdrives.
LOSA3554 HD lightweight center outdrives.
LOSA4454 Aluminum gearbox bearing inserts.
TLR4401 Gen 3 radio tray.
TLR3538 Covered 17mm wheel nuts.

Ball bearing steering racks:
The 8ight 3.0 comes with two steering racks (short and long) to adjust the Ackerman. The new steering racks now use ball bearings. Ball bearing steering provides precise steering feel.

Gen 3 radio tray:
Team Losi Racing has found that moving the throttle servo to the front of the vehicle helps to optimize the weight placement and improves the overall balance of the vehicle. The Gen III radio tray also greatly enhances servo life.

More cool features of the 3.0:
-Aluminum servo inserts.
-Brake caliper springs.
-New droop screws for more consistent droop settings.