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Monday, September 24, 2012

TLR334000 Bleeder Cap O-Rings

We have just released TLR334000 O-Rings, Bleeder Shock Cap (8): TEN to make shock building easier on the TEN and 22 series of vehicles.
Today, TLR users of the TEN series such as the SCTE or the 22 series vehicles typically run a shock without a bladder which is know as an emulsion type shock.  Many use the bleeder based caps that we offer for these vehicles.  This change applies to those using the metal bleeder caps and not those using the RTR or plastic bleeder caps.  The bleeder caps come with an o-ring that you place inside the shock cap and then have to flip the cap over while keeping the o-ring in place, and tighten the cap to seal the shock.  That o-ring after a while softens and can twist leading to a leaky shock.  So, many have continued using cut out bladders as they seem to stay in place a little easier, although you cannot get them all perfect.
Provided Bleeder Cap O-Ring

TLR has now released TLR334000 which is an o-ring designed to go around the threads on the top of the shock and sit up against the ledge that your aluminum shock cap tightens down against.  Simply roll them up over the threads as you can see in the image below:

Start on one side of the shock and roll the O-Ring over the other side of the shock
Then roll it down all the way against the ledge on the shock as seen here.
Roll the O-Ring all the way down to the base of the threads.
 All you have to do now is fill with oil and place the cap on top with NO inner o-ring.  This is the only seal you need and it stays in place now and is always there. 

Race On!
Ryan Dunford