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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Qualifying is over at the ROAR Super Nationals

Qualifying is over at the ROAR Super Nationals

Qualifying is over and we have gotten through all four rounds of qualifying and now ROAR is setting up the main events.  The track this morning was good and consistent for the final round.  It did start to dry out a bit for the 1/8th scale class but it don’t make too much of a difference with the heavy 1/8th cars and the amount of power they can put down.  They are putting a good amount of water down now which should make the track for the mains really good throughout.

The guys did a great job in the final round of 2wd with the TLR 22SCT securing four trucks in the A-main.  Big shout out to Matt Castellano for his last run to make the A-main.  He ran solid and his truck looked great!!  I am looking for the guys’s to be running strong in the mains today.

Dakotah Phend put in another solid run in the 4wd SC class to put himself third on the grid in the A-main.  He just needs a little more speed to get himself to the front and will be looking to make a shock change for the mains.  We are going to try a two-hole piston instead of the standard four holes.  Mike Truhe did a great job putting his TEN-SCTE in the A-main.   There was some tough luck for Billy Fischer and Dustin Evans just missing out on making the A-Main. 

The final round of 1/8th scale was another challenging round for the team.  Mike Truhe just couldn’t get going in the last couple of rounds along with Billy Fischer.  Matt Castellano was the only TLR driver that had a grip on the class putting in a couple of really nice runs to be the only TLR driver putting his TLR 8IGHT-E 2.0 into the A-main event.  The mains in the 1/8th class are going to be really challenging with ten cars in the main and a long main events of ten minutes each where anything can happen.

Main Event Listings:

2wd Mod Short Course
4. Mike Truhe
5. Dakotah Phend
7. Dustin Evans
10. Matt Castellano

4wd Mod Short Course
2. Ty Tessman
3. Dakotah Phend
9. Mike Truhe

1/8th Scale
10. Matt Castellano