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Friday, August 17, 2012

ROAR Super Nationals Practice Report

Super Nationals Practice Report
Today started the second half of the ROAR Super Nationals that include Short Course and 1/8th electric.  The track has been changed around to go in the opposite direction versus the first part of the week.   The track running in this direction just seems so weird after watching the track go the opposite direction for four days, LOL.  They have also made a couple of changes to the program today since there was a lighter turnout then expected.  We will now run three rounds of qualifying tomorrow and the final round on Saturday.  Then we will go right into the main events to complete the program on Saturday.

Today’s practice went really well but we are still working on the set-up for the TLR 22 SCT.  The truck is handling well but we need to get a bit more comfort out of it.  There is a short practice run in the morning and each driver is going to try a little different direction and we will see what works and what don’t.  I am confident that we will find what we are looking for in the morning.  The TEN-SCTE was very safe all day; we will be looking to make it a little more aggressive in the morning practice.  Ty Tessman was extremely fast today in the 4wd SC class and he is running the TEN-SCTE 4wd truck.  The TLR team is looking to go in the direction Ty has with his truck.  The 1/8th scale class today was a surprise with how many entries there were!  This is looking to be one of the biggest classes when I think everyone was thinking it was going to be the smallest.  (Wrong)  I have to give a big thanks to Tim Long for coming out this weekend and helping the team with the 1/8th class.  He has done an amazing job with helping set-up the car for the team.  We don’t have the chance to run the 8IGHT-E 2.0 much indoor so there was a lot of time spent today making changes and I have to say by the end of the day the team was looking fast.  From what I understand Tim is going to make a couple more changes for the morning practice run just to find more steering.
Well, that’s it for tonight; we start at 9:45am tomorrow morning with the practice round and then qualifying starts shortly after.  Look for updates after each round of qualifying tomorrow.