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Thursday, August 16, 2012

ROAR Super Nationals First Half-Report

Super Nationals First Half-Report
The first half of the Super Nationals are complete.  I have to say this is quite strange having the format with the traditional classes done and over with already with still racing to go.  The race was really a challenge with the track changing at the beginning so much with all the dust.  We were behind on set-up the first part of the week but pulled everything together as a team for the final day of qualifying in all three classes.  Once we had gotten a couple things worked out with the set-up it was game on, the TLR 22 buggy was amazing with tons of grip on a lose track that had become polished. 

The team got their TLR cars working  well by the time the mains came around and the team was looking  positive but it came down to just not starting close enough to the front that would cost us the races.  Most of the time our bad luck in the mains would be mistakes from our competitors that would collect us in their mistake.  For the final A-main of 4wd buggy Dakotah Phend would prove he had the speed with a great start that would put him out front where no one could catch him.  He would take the win and secure himself the final spot on the podium. 

Privateer racer Kevin Motter showed that his three out of four TQ’s in qualifying of 17.5 Buggy would not be a fluke after winning the first two A-mains.  Kevin would lead every lap of both A-mains in dominant fashion with his Schuur Speed powered TLR 22 buggy. Kevin also contested in the 17.5 Stock Truck class  where he also chooses to run his Schuur Speed powered TLR 22T and yet again put in an impressive drive to take 2nd places after winning the second A-main and just falling short in A-3 taking second which would give him second overall.  Great job Kevin Motter!!    

TLR A-main Results:

2WD Mod Buggy:
4. Dustin Evans
6. Dakotah Phend
8. Matt Castellano

Modified Racing Truck
3. Dustin Evans
7. Dakotah Phend
9. Matt Castellano

4WD Mod Buggy
3. Dakotah Phend
6. Dustin Evans
Today starts the second half of the ROAR Super Nationals here at West Coast R/C in La Mirada, CA.  This half of the program is the 2wd, 4wd Short Course Truckand 1/8th Electric buggy.  The team spent the day-off yesterday at OCRC Raceway getting tires broken in and ready for practice today.  The start of the second half of the Super Nationals should be much better since we have a better understanding of what the track is going to be like and where to go with the set-up on the new TLR 22SCT.  We feel really confident in the 4wd SCT class and 1/8th buggy set-up that we have been running and will start with the standard set-up.  We will fill you all in at the end of practice today, there has also been some rumors floating around that ROAR may shorten the program to end on Saturday.  We will confirm once we know more.