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Friday, August 17, 2012

Q1 Report From ROAR Super Nationals

Q1 Report From ROAR Super Nationals

Big surprise today when we walked int the door of West Coast R/C this morning!  The track was super wet with standing water and the track was not absorbing it up like they had planned.  The decision was made to extend the practice round in the morning to help get the track into racing conditions.  It did help get the track dried out but really changed the way the cars were going to handle.  We had spent all day yesterday getting the cars dialed in on the dry track and were looking forward to a couple of set-up changes in the morning.  We still went for the changes in the practice run but it didn't provide the results we were looking for.
The first round went well for the team in the 2wd SC class with the new TLR 22SCT with Mike Truhe and Dakotah Phend putting in solid runs to finish the round 3rd and 4th.  Dustin Evans and Billy Fischer both put their TLR 22SCT trucks in the top 10 while running a slightly different set-up.  This was a great start for the team in the 2wd SC class and we were excited for the next round of qualifying.
The 4wd SC class didn’t go as strong as planned; there was not really any reason, as we just didn’t get any breaks on the track with lappers.  Mike Truhe put in a good run with a 4th for round.  The TEN SCTE are really good so there won’t be many changes going on with the TEN-SCTE truck for round 2.

In the 1/8th class it was a lot of the same problems with small uncharacteristic mistakes that should not be happening.  The 8IGHT-E 2.0 buggy looks good on the track and fast.  We just need a little more luck in round 2 and we will be up there.  Mike Truhe put a solid run and finished 6th in the round.
TLR Round 1 Results:

2wd Mod Short Course:
3. Mike Truhe
4. Dakotah Phend
6. Dustin Evans
9. Billy Fischer

4wd Mod Short Course:
4. Mike Truhe
8. Dakotah Phend
9. Billy Fischer

1/8th Scale Electric Buggy:
6. Mike Truhe
13. Billy Fischer
15. Matt Castellano