Thursday, December 11, 2008

Toys for Tots at Thunder Alley 12.6.08

This past weekend Team Losi Racing was in full force to race the Toys for Tots at Thunder Alley Raceway. A great race for an even better cause, children. The race bosted over 200 entries from drivers from all over California.

For the first time this year, their was a 1.8th Electric Offroad Class held at the event. Adam Drake, Kevin Gahan, and I all decided to race this new class with our decked out Team Losi Racing 8E's. After the dust settled, it was Team Losi Team Manager Kevin Gahan edging out Adam Drake for the TQ position. Definitely a great run for Kevin with Adam 2nd and I qualifed 4th overall. In the main it was Drake putting on a clinic with his Xcelorin powered 8IGHT-E, Barry Baker finished 2nd, I was 3rd, and Kevin Gahan was 4th giving Team Losi Racing 3 out of the top 4 positions. During the race it was evident that the Losi power package was awesome, we were the only vehicles that were able to clear the tremendous double to quad while our competitors were satisfied with double, double, double, which equated to about 3/4 of second a lap slower. For all of our power needs we all chose the Xcelorin 1700kv motor geared 44/15 with Losi 4S 5000mah battery. The main was 12 minutes long and there was no signs of dumping by any of the Losi team. It was really exciting to see 3 full heats of electric 1.8th at this race, 2 Buggy heats and 1 truggy heat. This just goes to show that 1.8th Electric is a growing class.

As for the Nitro Class, it was Truhe putting on a serious clinic during qualifying and then going on to edge out Tebo. Truhe exclusively used the new Team Losi Racing SmartDiff in his 8IGHT 2.0 to dominate qualifying and the main. I tested this quite a bit during practice. I can tell you that the SmartDiff offers a lot. More steering and tons of acceleration. Be sure to check out the SmartDiff which is set to be released late January of 2009.