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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Team weekend rundown 3/9-3/10

Hello everyone,

For this past weekend’s team weekend rundown, we have some awesome results from Round 4 of the Grassroots Series to the Tennessee State Champs. Thanks to everyone for the hard work and dedication to Team Losi Racing!

Tyler Whitt; TQ and Win at Burlington RC
Makenzi Harbuck; Awesome result at Loganville RC
Anthony Westergaard; Awesome result at Grassroots Round 4
Justin Doyle; Awesome result at the Palmetto Classic
Tyler Jones; TQ and Win in Ebuggy at the Tennessee State Champs
Alex Vaughn; Win in Ebuggy at Leisure Hours Raceway
Mike Sontag; TQ and Win in 2wd 17.5 buggy at Addictive Raceway
Derek Stephansen; TQ and Win at the Team Powers Cup
Tony Sadberry; TQ and Win at the RC Factory
Barry Baker; TQ and Win in 40+ Nitro at Grassroots
Mikey Bustamante; Awesome result at 702 Raceway
Renaud Savoya; Double TQ and Win at Charmes Cup in France
Jay Bless; Double TQ and Win at TAP RC Raceway
Erik Everett; Awesome result at round 3 of the JConcepts SuperCup series
Eric Larson; Awesome result at the RC Compound
Mason Fuller; Ebuggy buggy Champ at Winter Series at HobbyPlex
Kaden Fuller; Nitro buggy Champ at Winter Series at HobbyPlex
Lake Unis; Awesome result at TRCR
Dougie E. M. Hobbes; Awesome result at Desert Classic

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