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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

22T Mid-Motor Spoiler Mounting Tip!

Hello Racers,

We've gotten a great tip from Developer and Racer, Ryan Dunford.  He found a great way to mount the spoiler to the 22T Mid-Motor body.  This really helps add to the durability of the body and spoiler, and extend the life of both...

We have been running the 22T in mid motor configuration for some time now.  It works great this way and as tires get better and tracks get higher traction, we will assume many might start to try this.  One thing that can take some abuse is the spoiler that goes on the Mid Motor 22T body.  It can also get lost easily as it is normally mounted in place only using the body pins in the rear.

There is a simple fix for both of these problems.  It requires the following parts:
2 of M3 x 10mm Button Head Screws (TLR5903)
2 of M3 x 8 x .8mm Steel Washer (TLR6352)
2 of M3 x 5.5mm Lock Nut (TLR6313)

Install the two M3 x 10mm BH screws through the M3 steel washer through the spoiler and body.  Then add the M3 lock nut to the screw, but only tighten the nut until the screw just touches the spoiler and the nut just touched the body.  You do NOT want to tighten the screw/nut all the way down.  Check it out in the picture below.  Please understand this is one we modified after it had some wear and tear on it.

A couple hints when doing this come to mind.  Use washers on both sides for extra support.  Do it when the body and spoiler are new, before it takes abuse and the effect would even stronger.  Also, do not tighten the screws all the way down.  Tighten them just until they put pressure on the spoiler without deforming its shape.  This allow for some give when you end up upside down and also makes it so you do not press the spoiler down too far.

Hope this help your 22T mid-motor spoiler last longer!

Race On!