Saturday, February 16, 2013

TLR 8ight 3.0 Testing 

Yesterday we headed out to the track again this week for some more 8ight 3.0 testing before leaving for Nitro Challenge next week. We have been extremely happy with the set up we have come up with the last couple of weeks. We wanted to confirm our set up by hitting as many tracks as we can. We've found the set up to be very consistent from track to track with very little changes. The whole team has been working extremely hard the last few weeks working close and communicating daily. Billy Fischer and Dakotah Phend have been very involved with Adam Drake and Mike Truhe with all the set up changes. They have also been very happy with the current set up, saying there confidence is at an all time high and very much looking forward to The Dirt Nitro Challenge.  

The 8ight 3.0 has been a huge improvement with the bump handling and the ever better jump handling over the 2.0. We have also found the 3.0 to have a much better feel on the wheel,  meaning you can go faster and feel more comfortable as the steering is much smoother then the 2.0. We look to see everyone next week in AZ for the Dirt Nitro Challenge.