Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hello everyone,

Recently I asked the #22empire for some feedback on what they would like to see covered here on the Team Losi Racing blog. I received multiple questions and I will cover them all in the next couple of weeks. Out of those questions, a majority would like some input on LRC vs. HCR and which conditions work best for each. LRC lowers the inner hinge pin which equals more roll for added grip and a softer suspension feel on the track. HRC raises the inner hinge pin which equals to less roll for less grip and a stiffer suspension feel on the track. Overall I wish this was a cut and dry question but it’s really a decision setting for which track you’re on and how you like the feel. I’ve raced on tracks where HRC should be the best and felt better racing with LRC. Here are some key points I associate when I need to decide on LRC or HRC.
LRC = if the track is lower grip/bumpy
HRC = if the track is super high grip/smooth (like a condition when front and rear sway bars are needed)

JR #22emire

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