Thursday, April 13, 2017

TLR 8IGHT 4.0 Tuning Kit

Hey Everyone,

Today we announced the all new TLR Tuning Kit for the 8IGHT 4.0. The kit comes with a bunch of new parts that the team has been working on for the past year and we are excited to share them with you. These are all of the parts that we ran at the World Championships in Las Vegas and we are glad to finally get them out to the masses.  The main goal of 8IGHT 4.0 tuning kit was to enhance our handling on bumpy tracks. We will go into detail with each part and why they are advantageous.

1. Front and Rear Universals and Aluminum Spindle - The front and rear universals allow the car to accelerate through the bumps better because they reduce the amount of bind under power and off-power. One will notice that the car rolls a bit more when running the universals. Now there is a new spindle that is required to use the front universals. The spindle was required because the joint of the universal needs to align with the kingpin so the universal needs to sit deeper into the spindle. If joint doesn't align with the kingpin, the universal does not work properly, so the new spindle was needed. However, on the rear, the universal was shortened slightly to accommodate our standard hub.


2. Chassis - The chassis is our standard 4mm thick 7075 aluminum chassis but milled down to 3mm in key locations to create flex in the cars, therefore making the car a bit easier to drive in the bumps. All of the gearboxes, radio tray and other key mounting locations of other components areas are not milled down to ensure all of the legacy parts still fit onto the chassis. Additionally, the chassis has the rear gear box holes and rear chassis brace holes "snow-manned" to allow the gearbox to shift forward to use the new offset hinge pin braces that move the arms back to the stock wheelbase, What does this do? It greatly reduces the rear dogbone angle and is a great tuning option for bumpy tracks. Generally, on bumpy tracks, the gearbox forward position is ideal.

3. Wing Mount - The only change to the wing mount is the ability to either use a screw down locking feature for the wing, which is very popular for the pro racer, or the ability to still use a body clip to hold your wing.
4. Servo Saver Nut - The only change here is the ability to singe down the nut via a small cap head screw to ensure your servo saver nut to never backs off during a long event. We still advise using TLR-Lok (thread lock) on the threads for added security.

5. New Brake Rotors and Plates - We have created fully CNC machined brake rotors made of steel and lightened appropriately along with new brake plates with TLR composite brake pads. The new braking system works excellent and reduces any concern of brake fade.

6. Magnetic Wheel Nuts - The Tuning Kit includes our new capped wheel nuts that use a small 2-56 flathead screw that threads into a small nut on the backside of the wheel nut. The new TLR Magnetic wheel wrench, TLR70003 sold separately, has a magnet inserted into the wrench that works in conjunction with the wheel nuts allowing quick tire changes before qualifiers or main events. It also makes the wrenching process a little easier. The new wheel wrench and nuts will work on any TLR vehicle.

7. New Body and Wing - TLR has stretched the imagination once again with an aggressive cab forward body. The body has an extreme cab-forward look to it along with rigid and hard design lines. Some will love the body and others will hate it, but we do recall that everyone didn't care for the original 8T 2.0 cab forward body and it became and industry standard. We are not sure that this will set a trend, but we had to state that. The new poly-carbonate wing is an HI-Down-force wing that works with our existing wicker bills. The wing definitely compliments the body and provides a neutral balance to the vehicle.  Both the wing and the body come pre-cut.

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