Monday, February 13, 2017

Brass Rear Pivot - TLR334035

Hello everyone,

This week I’d like to go over some TLR 22 3.0 notes I took at the Jconcepts SuperCup at Lake Park RC two weeks ago. Let me first start by giving everyone a little insight on Lake Park’s surface:  during morning practices and first qualifying round there was lower grip with some dust. Moving into the second qualifying, the grip had come up a bit, but still had some dusty areas.  Round one I started 1.4x3 shock pistons with 30 wt. in the rear of 22 3.0 and I really felt like I could use a little more overall forward grip. So, I changed my rear shock package for round two and I went with 1.7x2 with 32 wt. and added TLR’s brass weight, hinge pin brace, lrc +30G (TLR334035). This shock change and added weight gave me the forward grip I was looking for. I look forward to taking these changes with me as I make my way to Motorama and a different surface then we’ve had in previous years. If you’re attending this year’s Motorama event, feel free to stop into the TLR team pit to say “Hi” and get any questions you might have answered.

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