Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 2 Report From Argentina

Day Two Report From Argentina

Today was a big day at the World Championships!  We finally got to put some laps in on the huge track, about 15 minutes worth.  They ran one free practice round today after all the check-in and tech.  Practice started just after 2pm which was great since the track needed some more drying time to get the last of the water off before the sawdust would go down.  Funny thing is we were all so worried about all the wet spots and not thinking about all the rest of the track that was bone dry and soft powder.  This came to realization when the first car hit the track and the pits turned into dust bowl (LOL good times).  

The team really ran great today as far as we could tell with the fast changing track.  Their were no real problems other then a couple of flame outs from Drake, Phend and Bloomfield but this was just a matter of tuning to the fuel for the first run.  The big thing we learned today was tires.  We started on a little harder tire then we should've so tomorrow we will start with a softer tire and more of a block style as well.  We are also hoping once the track gets cleaned off more we can get a better reading on the fuel mileage.  It was not so good today for anyone on the team but the grip was extremely low.     

My final thoughts on the track development are up in the air!!  Track started really dusty but did start to clean off a bit at the end of the day but not nearly enough.  My other huge concern is the rain that could come and sooner then we thought (TONIGHT)!!  This would be great if it was just a little bit but we all know that won't be the case.  We will all see in the morning as I will post a weather report.