Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 5 Report from Cactus Classic (Final day for qualifying)

Qualifying is over!! That’s it, all the hard work of making the A-mains is over. The track was a lot better in the way of grip today but the track started to break up in spots. This made the track a little inconsistent for some drivers and for other it felt much more at home. Most likely the grip came on due to the track breaking up a bit which was getting the polish off the top and making it more like sand paper. This did leave some guys guessing what tire to run in the last round of qualifying today when the sun came down and the grip came way up in the track. All weekend the grip has been down, so they have gone to a softer front tire to get the steering out of their cars. Most of the team found out the hard way this morning in round 3, when most found their cars hard to drive do to over steer.

The large jump in the front has really taken its toll on some guys. This jump don’t take much skill to get over (Just punch it) but a lot of luck is involved. I suggest taking off the face of the jump and yelling for the marshal. Overall the race has been great up to this point and I am expecting the mains to be even better tomorrow.

Qualifying was really up and down for some of the team guys today. A lot of this had to do with the fast changing track. Dustin Evans and Dakotah Phend seem to have a good handle on the changing track and put in some great results today. Dakotah would TQ both round of 4wd SCT today to take the overall TQ and have the front row starting spot for all three A-mains tomorrow. For some of the others they will look on to the next race and put this one behind them. “You can’t always have your best race”

TLR top 10 results after qualifying

Mod Racing Truck TLR Qualifying Results:
3rd-Dakotah Phend
4th-Dustin Evans
6th-Mike Truhe

13.5 Racing Truck TLR Qualifying Results:
1st-Josh Bend
3rd-Clayton Easley
4th-Travis Brock

Mod 2wd Short Course TLR Qualifying Results:
5th-Dustin Evans
7th-Cody Turner
8th-Frank Root

Mod 4wd Short Course TLR Qualifying Results:
1st-Dakotah Phend
3rd-Mike Truhe
9th-Frank Root

Mod 2wd Buggy TLR Qualifying Results:
3rd-Dustin Evans
5th-Dakotah Phend
8th-Billy Fischer

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