Tuesday, December 6, 2011

70T spur gear for the TLR22 and other new parts....

Hello again, we recently announced and released a new spur gear for the 22. It is a 70 tooth spur gear for non-timing stock racing. The spur gear is made out of our popular kevlar gear material. Some racers may be concerned that the gears are now black. This was simply a color change only and the material has not been changed whatsoever. The part number for the new spur gear is TLR3978 and they are currently in stock.

Also we realized that many racers were frustrated to have to buy the complete 22 wing mount set in order to get the wing washers. Well we now offer a solution for this and sell the wing washers in a four pack. The part number is TLR8201.

One last item I would like to share with all the racers. Black body clips are now available as well.
The part number is TLR8202 and they are in stock.

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