Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1 at World Championships

Today was the first day of scheduled practice for the 2010 Worlds. The first round of practice was a straight forward 15 minute run allowing the drivers to get accustomed to the track. The second round was run with a 5 minute warm-up, timed by the announcer, and a 10 minute simulated race which was a great opportunity for our drivers to asses their run time. Dakota Phend, Taylor James and Darren Bloomfield looked strong and showed great speed for their first time running on the track as they did not attend the warm up race a month earlier. Our equipment is working well and we are finalizing our set-ups goining into qualifying. Some interesting notes: The track is a very hard pack surface with used motor oil sprayed onto it. As the day went on, the grip progessed to a medium bite. Run time does not seem to be quite as good as it was last month for the warm up race. The looser track conditions are most likely the culprit. Adam Drake and Mike Truhe seemed to have picked up where they left off and showed great speed. The biggest question is who will try to go the full 10 minutes for the qualifiers????

Overall it was a great first day. We will finalize set-ups and double check runtime and head into qualifying. We will keep you all posted as practice winds down.

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