Friday, May 29, 2009

CVR Memorial day Shoot out

Hi guys! Last weekend CVR in Madera CA. had there annual Memorial Shoot out race. Ryan Lutz and Chad Bradley showed up and a whole crew of fast local talent. When I showed up in the morning the track was so dry and dusty and at times hard to even see your car. Both my buggy and truggy were AWESOME and felt confident going into the weekend. I ended up TQ in buggy and the only one to get the extra lap. I also TQ'ed truggy by 10 seconds over Lutz. When it was time for the 45min mains the next day I ended up running Red Eclipse on the buggy and they felt great. When the race started I pulled away from the field slowly and built myselfe up a half track lead on Lutz and Bradley and with only 15min left I ran out of gas due to me not hearing my pit guy to come in, but he got me back out there and I charged back to 2nd place. In truggy everything was great and went on to a win by 3 laps with my Toro Nero running perfect all the way to the end and took home some $cash! I ran the New M3 Caliber truggy tire and they felt great all through the race. I'm putting on a club race this weekend at my track, Riverfront R/C and it should be a good time. Our track layout this year is awesome and provides a lot of great racing. hope to have all of you out here soon!

Phillip Atondo

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