Thursday, April 9, 2009

Silver State

So now that the dust has settled literally from the 2009 silver state we are happy that its over and of the results that everyone running Team Losi cars has put up. Of the 15 podium spots available for the weekend Team Losi vehicles occupied 12 of the 15 podium spots missing out on a perfect sweep by one win a 2nd and a 3rd. pretty dominating in the eyes of most. the weekend was a lil bit of a rough one with different formats and the always famous dust and wind that the silver state is known for. a couple of the days the wind was so bad that anytime i stepped foot out of the trailer i had the motocross goggles on :) it also made it very interesting on track making your car very hard to see. the buggy final was veyr bad for the first ten minutes with the dust and also the sun going down along the horizon causing bad glares. I just wanna thank all those who helped me out this past weekend. Randy Nolen(awesome job in truggy, 2009 silver state champ) shane and kyle hunter for the pitwork and all the others. also special thanks to dyno for the prerace wrenching help. look forward to seeing everyone at the next one :)

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