Friday, February 27, 2009

Nitro Challenge

Hello all.

so last weekend was the 10th annual nitro challenge at the nitro pit in az. The week went ok for team losi. we had by far the most vehicles in both the pro finals with 5 buggie and 6 truggies and also winning the open buggy class. As for my weekend, it ended in alot of heartache for me both my cars were running awesome and i ran into a string of bad luck with both in the finals causing me to bow out early :( in buggy with only a few minutes left while leading. Even though i did not come away as i would have liked to i am still very happy with both my cars and engines knowing that i had one of the cars to beat out there. Unfortuantely this is a part of racing that we all sometimes have to deal with and keep our heads high when it happens. I am taking from this nothing but good thoughts and will be there at the upcoming silver state ready to go out there and see if i cant take the buggy title for the third year in a row :) Thanks for all the support from all. It really means alot to me.

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