Friday, April 24, 2015

3-Hole Pistons for the 22 Vehicles

Hello Racers!

TLR is happy to announce the release of 3-Hole 12mm Machined Pistons!  These pistons are offered in packs of 4, and with the hole diameters of 1.3mm and 1.4mm.  The TLR race team has had great success running the prototypes of these pistons on their 22 2.0 and 22-4 buggies and have dabbled with them on their 22T 2.0 and 22SCT 2.0's also.  Several key setups benefit from the reduced pack and quicker movement of the 3-Hole pistons, especially on tracks that are a little bumpier.  See some of the key setup links below.

The part numbers are TLR233017 for the 3x 1.3mm pistons, and the link to the TLR Site is here: 

The part numbers are TLR233018 for the 3x 1.4mm pistons, and the link to the TLR Site is here:

Racer Tip - The popular 22-4 setups have all included the Split (2x1.4mm, 1x1.3mm) rear piston setup.  With the new 3x1.3mm pistons, there is now an easier way to get to this setup.  Just take a 3x1.3mm piston and drill out the two holes with a 1.4mm drill bit, and you're done.  A lot less work and now no need for a 1.3mm drill bit either.  Check out those setups below.

We hope you enjoy these pistons as much as the team has! :)

Race On!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ryan Maifield's Nitro Challenge Setup

Hello Racers - After his awesome weekend at Nitro Challenge which culminated in a Pro Nitro Buggy Championship, Ryan was kind enough to send over the setups from all of his podium finishes.

8IGHT 3.0 -,%20Nitro%20Challenge%20Winner.pdf

8IGHT-T 3.0 -,%20Nitro%20Challenge,%202015.pdf

8IGHT-E 3.0 -,%20Nitro%20Challenge,%202015.pdf

Give these great setups a try, and Race On!


Monday, January 12, 2015

22-4 Castor Block Ball Stud Spacers

Hello Racers,

We have just announced the 22-4 Castor Block Ball Stud Spacers.  These help to fine tune the front roll center on the 22-4, but they do not interfere with the spindles like the regular ball stud spacers will.

The part number is TLR236005, and the link to the TLR Site is here:


Race On!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

22T Mid-Motor Spoiler Mounting Tip!

Hello Racers,

We've gotten a great tip from Developer and Racer, Ryan Dunford.  He found a great way to mount the spoiler to the 22T Mid-Motor body.  This really helps add to the durability of the body and spoiler, and extend the life of both...

We have been running the 22T in mid motor configuration for some time now.  It works great this way and as tires get better and tracks get higher traction, we will assume many might start to try this.  One thing that can take some abuse is the spoiler that goes on the Mid Motor 22T body.  It can also get lost easily as it is normally mounted in place only using the body pins in the rear.

There is a simple fix for both of these problems.  It requires the following parts:
2 of M3 x 10mm Button Head Screws (TLR5903)
2 of M3 x 8 x .8mm Steel Washer (TLR6352)
2 of M3 x 5.5mm Lock Nut (TLR6313)

Install the two M3 x 10mm BH screws through the M3 steel washer through the spoiler and body.  Then add the M3 lock nut to the screw, but only tighten the nut until the screw just touches the spoiler and the nut just touched the body.  You do NOT want to tighten the screw/nut all the way down.  Check it out in the picture below.  Please understand this is one we modified after it had some wear and tear on it.

A couple hints when doing this come to mind.  Use washers on both sides for extra support.  Do it when the body and spoiler are new, before it takes abuse and the effect would even stronger.  Also, do not tighten the screws all the way down.  Tighten them just until they put pressure on the spoiler without deforming its shape.  This allow for some give when you end up upside down and also makes it so you do not press the spoiler down too far.

Hope this help your 22T mid-motor spoiler last longer!

Race On!

Nick Floudas Wins Greek National Title... AGAIN!

Hello Racers!

We have received a race report from TLR's championship team driver from Greece, Nick Floudas.  A multi-time National Champion, Nick has been laying to down in Greece, and again took no prisoners at the 4WD leg of the 2014 Greek Nationals!

"The Greek 4wd Buggy Nationals was run first weekend of December as a make up date from its postponement in June.  This meant the weather would alter the track conditions greatly from the sugared, high-traction track that we knew to a track with ever-changing conditions.  It was loamy and wet Saturday, then moved to dry and dusty on Sunday for the finals.

I had not run my 22-4 much in recent months due to the weather, and given the expected inconsistent track conditions, I opted for a safe setup.  The plan was to concentrate my driving, tires and the changing conditions.  Come time for qualifying, I started out strong by taking the 1st and 2nd round TQ's on the moist track, breaking into 18 lap runs.  In the 3rd and 4th rounds, I got 2nd for each round which meant the 5th round would decide TQ so I would push to the max!  The sun was drying the track surface, so the track was going to be quick.  I TQ'd the last round with the best time of the day, 18 laps 5:10, to secure the overall TQ spot!

Starting from TQ, my plan was to control the race and pace as much as possible.  In A1, I had an unfortunate incident while leading and finished 2nd.  For A2, the changing track caught me out a bit with a poor tire choice, but I still ran strong to take a 4th place finish. I still had a chance at the overall title going into A3, but I had to not only win, but also beat the fastest time set in A1.

Somehow, I felt little pressure...I took a gamble and made some changes to my car going to a different spring and mounting some tires that felt good in the dry.  The race was very close and exiting:  I was running on a TQ pace having 2nd place right behind me, only a half second back each lap. Despite the pressure from 2nd place, my 22-4 was on rails and so easy to drive that I did not make any mistakes and took the win!  BUT... was the heat fast enough to secure the overall win??? We raced at the screen to see that I had done it by 0.090 of a second!!!

I was the 4WD Buggy Greek National Champion!  And now adding this to the 2WD  Buggy Greek National Championship I won earlier this year, I am the Double Greek National Champion for 2014!!!"

Great job by Nick again, keeping TLR on the top step of the podium, and keeping the winning ways of the 22-4 rolling!

Thanks and Race On!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Adjustable Rear Motor Battery Brace!

Hello Racers,

One of the many new improvements on the TLR 22SCT 2.0, was an adjustable rear motor battery brace (TLR231031).  Feeling like it might have fallen under the radar as an awesome update to all 22 vehicles in RM configuration, I just wanted to highlight it here and some of the features.  Check it out at the link below as well: 

The RM Battery Brace, has the same top "shelf" that we used on the 1.0 versions, but for the 2.0 version, it is now removable with two M2.5 x 8mm BH screws.  This allows the option for having the ESC shelf either installed, or removed.  See the image of it installed below.

Full Size Pack
Removing the ESC "shelf" has been a popular choice for many RM racers.  They have had to cut the "shelf" off using a high speed rotary tool, but now it is easily adjustable without grinding to make it happen.  They will then mounting the ESC on the chassis to lower the weight of the car and get a cleaner electronics mounting setup.  See the image of an ESC mounted on the chassis below.  This image is of the 22SCT 2.0, so when doing so for the 22T or 22 2.0, you'll need to remove the ESC fan and mount the ESC further back.

ESC Mounted on the Chassis

The front of the brace also has some optional mounting choices for battery placement, five in total.  There are two "posts" included, which mount under the front two screws of the battery mount.  They allow a full size pack to slide between the front part of the battery mount with ease, just like the 1.0 version.  For the 2.0, we've also added a "U" shaped brace that has two sets of mounting holes.  The brace can be flipped forward or rearward, giving four additional mounting positions.  This helps tune the rear battery mount to be the correct length for shorty and full size packs, in the 22, 22 2.0, 22T, 22SCT and 22SCT 2.0 all with only moving the parts around slightly.

22SCT 2.0 with a Shorty LiPo, and ESC on the Chassis

See the page below from the 22SCT 2.0 to help further demonstrate some (not all) of the possible mounting scenarios.

22SCT 2.0 Manual Excerpt
Page 43

And the BEST part of the RM Battery Mount (TLR231031) is that it Retails for only $10.99, a great price for an awesome upgrade!

Thanks and Race On!
Frank Root

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NEW TLR 22 Series Options Now Available!

Hello Racers,

We've been able to launch a few new option parts over the past few weeks, and some are very exciting, and I'd like to share them with you here.

TLR334023 - Rear Pivot, LRC, 2.0 Deg Toe: 22-4
TLR334024 - Rear Pivot, LRC, 2.5 Deg Toe: 22-4

The Product Development Team and Team Losi Racing Team has been constantly testing over the summer and found there to be some substantial setups advantages when reducing the amount of toe angle on the 22-4 in certain track conditions. Dakotah Phend, Dustin Evans, Ryan Maifield, and Trever Adamo have all been testing with body 2.0 and 2.5 degrees of rear toe on their 22-4s throughout the summer, notching up many big wins along the way. 

When reducing the total amount of rear toe angle, the rear end of the car is freed up throughout the turns, which helps the 22-4 pick-up speed on higher grip tracks. On lower grip tracks, more rear toe angle helps provide forward drive out of turns and more side bite and stability mid-corner. Balancing between the forward drive given by more toe, and the added steering of less toe, we recommend the 2.0 degree block for higher and medium high grip tracks, the 2.5 degree block for medium and medium low grip tracks, and the stock 3.0 toe for low grip tracks

TLR336002 - 22 Series Hardware Box, Metric: 22/T/SCT/22-4

Ever lose a small screw, and had trouble finding a replacement? Was the shop low, or out of stock on the hard to find screws for a 22 vehicle. Fear no more, pick up one of the TLR 22 Series Hardware Boxes and gain the confidence of having a space for every screw and hardware piece you might need. Check out the impressive list of hardware included below.
2- M3 x 5mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 6mm, Button Head 
6- M3 x 8mm, Button Head 
6- M3 x 10mm, Button Head 
4- M3 x 12mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 14mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 16mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 18mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 20mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 35mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 40mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 44mm, Button Head 
1- M3 x 54mm, Button Head 
2- M3 x 5mm, Cap Head 
2- M3 x 6mm, Cap Head 
2- M3 x 16mm, Cap Head 
2- M3 x 20mm, Cap Head 
2- M3 x 5mm, Flat Head 
4- M3 x 8mm, Flat Head 
6- M3 x 10mm, Flat Head 
6- M3 x 12mm, Flat Head 
4- M3 x 16mm, Flat Head 
2- M3 x 18mm, Flat Head 
2- M3 x 20mm, Flat Head 
2- M3 x 25mm, Flat Head 
2- M2.5 x 4mm, Button Head 
2- M2.5 x 8mm, Button Head 
2- M2.5 x 12mm, Button Head 
2- M2.5 x 6mm, Flat Head 
2- M2 x 6mm, Flat Head 
2- M2 x 8mm, Flat Head 
2- M2 x 5mm, Cap Head 
2- M2 x 12mm, Button Head 
2- M2.5 x 0.45mm x 5mm Set Screw 
2- M2.5 x 0.45mm x 20mm Set Screw 
2- M3 x 0.5mm x 2.5mm Set Screw 
2- M3 x 0.5mm x 5mm Set Screw 
2- M3 x 0.5mm x 12mm Set Screw 
2- M3 x 0.5mm x 16mm Set Screw 
2- M4 x 7mm Black Alum Locknut, Serrated 
2- M4 x 7mm Low Profile Steel Nut, Serrated 
8- M3 x 5.5mm Locknut 
2- M2.5 x 5mm Locknut 
2- Copper Washer, 22 Bleeder Caps 
2- .5mm Spindle Spacer, 22 
2- 1mm Spindle Spacer, 22 
2- 2mm Spindle Spacer, 22 
2- .5mm Shock Shaft Limiter 
2- 1mm Shock Shaft Limiter 
2- 2mm Shock Shaft Limiter 
4- 3mm x .5mm Black Washer 
2- 5mm x 7mm x 0.2mm Shim 
2- Front Axle Lug, 22 Buggy 
2- King Pin Screw, 22-4 
2- King Pin Screw, 22 
4- Black Body Clip 
2- Solid Axle Pin 
2- Pin, 2mm X 10mm 
2- Pin, 2mm x 8mm 
2- Crush Pin, 1/16" x 7/16" 
2- C-Clip, 3/16" 
4- E-Clip, 2.5mm

Hope that you enjoy these parts, and Race On!