Wednesday, December 13, 2017

TLR 22T 4.0 setup from Horizon Midwest Classic

Hello everyone,

I’m finally getting caught up from last weekend’s trip to the Midwest classic at Leisure Hours Raceway. Good weekend overall with Dakotah Phend showcasing his talents in the 2wd and 4wd mod classes as well as other TLR drivers doing the same in the 17.5 buggy, 13.5 4wd, 4x4 SCT, and Stadium Truck classes. Along with the great racing action, the TLR/Horizon Hobby crew hosted a Q&A session and raised money for the Hobbies for Good. This week, I would like to share my TLR 22T 4.0 setup from this event.

JR Mitch 22T 4.0 Horizon Midwest Classic setup


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

TLR 8IGHT E 4.0 setup from Fall Brawl

Hello everyone,

This past weekend, I attended the 2017 Fall Brawl in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I had a great result in both ebuggy and nitro buggy classes. The track was super fun and it had super high grip levels at times. Today, I’m off to Leisure Hours Raceway for this year’s horizon classic. Upon my return, I will have my nitro setup posted from the Fall Brawl, but in the meantime here is my winning TLR 8IGHT E 4.0 setup. 


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New for the 22 Series - Aluminum Trail Inserts

Good Day Racers!

We've been working hard to improve the durability of the trail inserts for the newest 22 spindles.  These spindles have been included on the 22 4.0, 22SCT 3.0, 22T 3.0, 22T 4.0 and the 22 4.0 SR, and have adjustable trail (2mm-4mm) and different ackermann inserts for adjustable ackermann feel as well.  

On occassion, we've seen the outer bearings pop through the inner lip of outside trail insert, particularly on impacts that hit the outside of the axle directly.  We have since released improved inserts and spindles, both of which help increase the durability of the molded parts - those are available now.  We also worked on Aluminum versions of the trail inserts in parallel to give the ultimate option for durability.

Available now are:

- TLR334048, Spindle Insert Set, Aluminum, 3mm Trail: All 22
- TLR334049, Spindle Insert Set, Aluminum, 2/4mm Trail: All 22

Each of these includes two machined aluminum trail inserts per package, as the aluminum inserts are only needed for the outer bearings on the left and right spindles.  We recommend continuing to use the molded composite inserts for the inner bearings on each spindle.
TLR334048 - 3mm Trail Inserts
TLR334049 - 2/4mm Trail Inserts

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

8IGHT Air filter tip

Hello everyone,

This week as I get ready for the trip to the 2017 Fall Brawl at Badlands RC Supercross in Myrtle Beach, SC, I wanted to give everyone a little tip for installing a new air filter (LOSA9151) on any TLR 8IGHT Nitro vehicles. Apply a small amount of black grease (TLR77000) to the front and rear of your air filter to maximize the filtered air going into your engine. If you’re at the Fall Brawl December 1st – 3rd stop by the JConcepts tent and say HI.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Horizon Hobby Midwest Classic and TLR Cup

Leisure Hours Raceway is again Honored to Host The Horizon Hobby Midwest Classic and TLR Cup for 2017 one of the most Prestigious events in the Midwest. Come see some of the best racers including Dakota Phend and JR Mitch, these racers will be on hand with a Drivers Track walk on Friday and a question and answer session .There will be a Raffle and a Special Dash for cash Race. Spectrum Service Center will be on site to answer any questions. We will have Bimp ups and Triple A mainsFood will a be served by Annabell's BAR-BQ


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mud guard with a fan mount (22 4.0 & 22 4.0 SR)

Hello everyone,

This past week TLR released the 22T 4.0 (which we will take a closer look at in next week’s blog post) and with that release came the addition of a mud guard with a fan mount included in the TLR 22T 4.0 kit. TLR has just released this for the 22 4.0 and 22 4.0 SR buggies (part number TLR231071). This is a great upgrade for stock racing and helps hold your fan in a fixed location without the worry of it coming off during a race.


Friday, October 27, 2017

This weeks new 8IGHT parts: LLRC Rear Hinge Pin Brace Set and Aluminum Adjustable Rear Hub with Inserts

LLRC rear hinge pin brace set and Alum adjustable rear hub with inserts

Howdy Folks,

Today I wanted to go over a few parts we released that can provide even more tuning options for your 8IGHT vehicles.  We are constantly looking for more ways to give all of us an advantage out there and we feel some of these parts can help for sure.

LLRC rear hinge pin brace set(TLR344010):  This set is a purpose-built set of C and D blocks for the rear of the 8IGHT line that provides you with the corrected parts for getting that lower rear roll center many of us have been trying by flipping blocks.  Lowering the rear roll center can really help through the bumps and landing jumps.  Having the purpose-built C block helps maintain the proper anti-squat adjustments we are all used to having with the 0 insert now being back to 3 degrees of anti-squat.  Please be sure to read the directions when installing these as there is some dremeling of the chassis that is necessary for proper clearance.

Aluminum Adjustable Rear Hubs with Inserts(TLR344008):  These hubs provide all sorts of different options not available before to us.  First off, they are aluminum for durability sake but with Delrin inserts, so they still feel like a plastic hub around the track and should they show signs of wear, you can simply replace the inserts (TLR344009).  These offer 2 different hub heights with 2 sets of camber link holes.  What this allows is for you to adjust the roll center of the rear hub now and then have 2 options for camber link placement.  We found that raising the hub on high bite surfaces is very helpful.  In the raised or +4mm position, you can then also either run the camber link in what would be the normal position or you can now run it raised as well.  Raising the entire rear camber link can aid in forward grip typically.

You will notice these hubs also come with 3 different bearing inserts.  The different inserts offer you yet another tuning option.  The front bearing will always use the smallest of the inserts.  However, the rear bearing has 2 different inserts that can be used.  There is a thicker one which is used when you wish to run the CVA or the short universal (TLR342011) that comes with the tuning kit.  There is also a thinner one which is used if you wish to run the longer universal (TLR342010) so that you can now run the same length front and rear universal if you are running the optional front spindle TLR344006 with the universals up front.

Hopefully, with these options, you can be even faster out there and have even more fun folks.  I wish you the best in racing and thank you for using TLR products!