Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Front toe-out

Hello everyone,

This week I would like to talk about front toe-out. For most of my racing, over the many years, there has really only been one way to run the front toe on any vehicle and that’s at 0 degrees, or no toe-in or out. Things have changed recently with many drivers going with a good amount of toe-out on the 1/8th scale side and the 1/10th Carpet/Turf of their programs. I find that I use it more in 1/8th scale, as it helps in sweeping corners (I think this is because the outside front tire on cornering just doesn’t steer as much with full steering). However, this can get a little dicey at low speed turn in as it will initiate the corner quicker; to compensate with this, I find that I usually run one spring stiffer than normal.


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