Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raising the Transmission in the TLR22 and 22T

By Ryan Dunford

Something the TLR team has been adjusting from time to time on the 22/22T has been the height of the transmission. This is typically done when running the LRC rear blocks and is simply another tuning option out there to help dial in your TLR 22 and 22T. This affects bone plunge and can alter your rear traction characteristics. Most of the team has settled in on raising the transmission by 1mm. It may not seem like much but it makes a dramatic difference to the way the vehicle handles. Most report back that this change tends to settle the vehicle through the center and exit of a corner providing more side bite and the ability to throttle up sooner. Basically, in non-technical terms, this improves forward traction and takes the “wiggle” out of the car under acceleration out of a corner.

In order to raise the transmission you need to two 1mm TLR 22 shock limiters (TLR5096) and two 1mm ball stud washers of which we typically use the aluminum ones (TLR6019). You place the two shock limiters on the rear toe block as shown in the picture and the two ball stud washers on the camber block as shown in the picture. The reasoning behind using the different washers has to do with the OD and the ID matching up on each of the blocks so the screws still go through easily. Another tip is that once you decide if you like this change, you can place a small spot of CA below the washer which makes it easier to get it all lined up when re-installing your transmission.

Next, you will need to clip off the nubs on the tongue of the transmission that key into the camber block so that you are only raising the tranny 1mm. Clip the nubs off and sand flat. Put the transmission back in place now and there you have it, the transmission is now 1mm higher.

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