Tuesday, October 23, 2018

22T 4.0 setup from Gspeed Raceway and their Walking Dead Race

Hello everyone,

This week, I would like to share my TLR 22T 4.0 setup that I’ve been practicing/racing over the last couple of weeks. I posted on the #22empire on Facebook to share your setup and I used a lot of input from there to come up with this one I have here (thanks everyone on #22empire for your support!). I used this setup and raced this past weekend at Gspeed raceway and I brought home the TQ and the win at their first annual Walking Dead Race. GSHOBBY/Gspeed raceway is located in Barling, Arkansas with a fully stocked hobby shop and an awesome racing facility. I can’t wait to race there again.

#22empire #8realm #DriveTLR

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