Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Turf/Carpet steering mod

Hello everyone,

Last Wednesday night, I made the trip to Beachline Raceway in Cocoa, Florida and I ran some tests on turf, while Frank Root did some carpet racing in California. The team has found a steering rack modification for higher spindle heights on your 22 4.0 or 22 3.0 vehicles that will help fix the bump out setting. Currently, if you run spindles with 4mm (or more) on top, the only available Ackermann setting with acceptable bump steer is the #2 Ackermann arm. By flipping the bell cranks upside down, and mounting the rack on top of the bell cranks, you can now achieve the correct bump setting when run the #1 and #3 Ackermann arms, or the 22 2.0 spindles which Frank found to be really good with his testing (TLR234007). This raises the inter-steering link to compensate giving you the right bump steer when running 4mm on top for spindle height.

With the rack flippers, some Dremel work is necessary to the steering rack arms and front bulkhead for clearance. Please reference the pictures below for details.


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