Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Stiffezel Front Wheels

Hello everyone,

This week we will do a product spotlight on TLR’s new Stiffezel front wheels for the 22 line of buggies. I asked TLR’s Frank Root for his opinion on the Stiffezel front wheels and here’s what he had to say: FR Using the same design as the standard TLR wheels, the Stiffezel front wheels have been molded from stiffer composite, which allows the wheel to flex less under higher load. During testing, the team has found these wheels to create more consistent at high speed, while adding more steering in longer, high load turns. The best analogy used by a tester was, "The Stiffezel front wheels make it feel like I tightened a servo saver, even though the 22's don't have one." These wheels are highly recommended, especially for use on higher grip clay, carpet, or astroturf tracks.


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