Friday, July 21, 2017

Gear diff maintenance and rebuilding

Hello everyone,

This week I would like to cover the next question that came up on my recent post on the #22empire and that’s 1/10th scale gear diff maintenance and rebuilding. In the picture below, I’m rebuilding my gear diff and I’ll give a description for some key items when rebuilding a gear diff. A) Disassemble and clean all parts thoroughly with motor spray (do not clean o-rings with motor spray). B & C) Show all parts after cleaning. D) Reapply new high-pressure black grease and the O-rings followed by the flat washer on both sides of the diff. E) Reapply threadlock to the outdrive setscrew. F) Refill your gear diff with your diff fluid of choice. G) Tighten the four outer case screws in a cross pattern. This will give you a nice new freshly rebuilt gear diff ready for racing.

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