Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Diff maintenance and rebuilding

Hello everyone,

This week I would like to cover the next question that came up on my recent post on the #22empire and that’s 1/10th scale diff maintenance and rebuilding. In the picture below I’m rebuilding my diff for this weekend’s Hot Rod Shootout race at Hot Rod Hobbies and I’ll give a description for some key items when rebuilding a diff. This diff has about three large race events and some club racing events on it and you can feel it’s a little gritty. Picture A1 and A2 shows “flipping” the drive rings and trust washer for a new surface area; this is key because not doing this will result in having the same gritty feel you're trying to get rid of in the first place. Picture B shows cleaning of the internal parts of the diff (I.E. outdrives, rings, trust and diff balls). Picture C shows reassembly of the diff with new silicone grease. Picture D shows reassembly of the trust washer assembly with new high-pressure black grease. This will give you a fresh new diff ready for racing.

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