Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Project 22 4.0 Spec-Racer

As most people know, stock buggy is a huge class in RC.  The last time I truly ran stock was way back in the brushed motor days, and I wanted to see how the 22 4.0 was affected with various weight saving techniques that are popular on the car.  The biggest thing to do, for me, was to replace many of the stock steel parts with titanium or aluminum counterparts for weight savings and/or additional strength. 

Starting with the easiest items, I swapped out the nuts and shock standoffs for aluminum M3 nuts (TLR336004 & TLR336005)  and titanium shock standoffs (TLR4166) respectively.  This helped me shave nearly 10 grams on simple hardware items.

I also swapped out the stock steel turnbuckles with TLR Titanium versions (TLR334016) and saved another 10 grams, adding strength in the process.

Refocusing my attention to the ever important transmission, I found opting for the TLR Direct Drive System (DDS) saved 13+ grams AND lowered rotating mass as well (TLR332043).

Again, looking to make the drivetrain as efficient as possible, I turned to the SR ball diff and CVDs (TLR232071 & TLR232058).  This saves roughly 13g for the diff, and 7.5g with the CVDs from both static and rotating mass.  Also using the narrow diff gear, I cut down the drivetrain resistance (TLR332064)

Lastly, still looking to add strength and get rid as much weight as possible, I found TLR titanium ball studs are half the weight of steel versions (TLR6030, TLR6031, TLR6032).  While only saving 5g, you also importantly gain strength and a little bit of bling too :).

Adding these changes up saves roughly 60g, making the drivetrain more efficient and increasing the car’s strength.  While all are optional, every advantage in stock is going to help if your driving is already up to task.    Be aware of wiring and electronic setup and you can find the car’s weight is very manageable.

The final “track-ready” weight of my car is 1537g.  This includes using a Team Orion Stock Spec ESC, 5000mAh Ultra LiPo (no skinny pack needed), Team Orion Ultimate Stock 17.5T, and a Spektrum 6240 servo.  I am also using the kit body will full stickers, but I can shave 10g+ by utilizing the Ultra Lightweight body (TLR330008) and another 8-15g with titanium screws if needed.

Thanks for reading!

Kevin King (TLR Team Driver)

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