Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Anti-squat and rear shock location 22 4.0

Hello everyone,

This past weekend, I attended race #2 of the TLR Cup at the awesome facility RCE. I did a lot of running/testing both indoor and outdoor and I took notes from running my TLR 22 4.0, and I would like to share the most significant find. I changed anti-squat quite a bit and I ended up running less than normal. I started with 2 deg which is normal for most setups and I went to 1 deg to try to add a little more side grip in corners along with more forward grip. The change did this, but maybe a little too much than what I was looking for. I finished with 1.5 deg and the rear shocks laid in on the stock tower to have the balance I was looking for. So, if you’re in the situation looking for a little more rear grip with added side grip try these two set-up changes.


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