Tuesday, May 16, 2017

8IGHT 12 deg front spindle carrier set

Hello everyone,

This week we will do a product spotlight on TLR’s new front spindle carrier set, 12 deg for TLR’s 8/8E/8T 4.0 vehicles (TLR344004). Let’s review the differences between more and less front caster. Less front caster has less initial steering when entering corners, but it should have more mid-corner steering with less corner exit steering. More front caster has more initial steering when entering corners, but should have less mid corner steering with more corner exit steering. I feel the 12 deg spindle carrier helps the car in higher grip situations by not upsetting the car on corner entry and exit. It also gives the ability to steer on power in the middle of the corner. This front spindle carrier also comes with the optional roll center hole, which is an added tuning item that can work with the inter front camber link for optional front roll centers.
 JR #8realm

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