Thursday, May 4, 2017

22-4 2.0 flattening

Hello everyone,

This week we’re back from the first TLR cup at HobbyPlex in Omaha, Nebraska, which was a total success and a great event. I can’t wait for the next one coming up quickly May 19-21 at RC Excitement in Fitchburg, Mass. At this past weekend’s race, we (me and teammate Hunter Holmberg) helped teammate and race one winner, Tanner Denney, with figuring out the tweak on his TLR 22-4 2.0. Here recently we’ve found adding a .5mm shim between the rear stock tower and above the right rear anti-squat blocks helps get the car to lay flat (see pic one). After adding this shim flip on your 22-4 2.0 take it over on a flat surface and make sure all four points of both front and rear shock towers lay flat (see pic two). This might require the bottom two front screws for the rear shock tower to not be tightened fully to make this possible.


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